Learn How to Convert Keynote into Google Slides

Learn How to Convert Keynote into Google Slides

Apr 2, 2021, 6:35:45 AM Tech and Science

Are you having trouble converting your Keynote into Google Slides? Well, don’t worry because it is possible to convert your Keynote files into Google Slides. If your friend has sent you a Keynote file, which means they have a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Keynote is Apple’s app, which is pretty similar to Google’s Google Slides and Microsoft’s PowerPoint. All these apps get in use to make presentations.

Both PowerPoint and Google Slides don’t correctly support .key files, which is why you may experience a compatibility problem while switching files. But don’t worry, and on whatever device you’re trying to access your Keynote file, you’ll have to convert it first and make it supportable by the Google Slides. To make this happen, you can try out a tool named CloudConvert.

Convert Keynote to Google Slides

Before starting the process, make sure to send or upload your Keynote file to Google Drive. Follow the steps below to send and convert your Keynote file:

Open your Google Drive on a web browser.

  • Login to your Google account.
  • Once you open Google Drive, press the New icon on the top left side.
  • Press the File upload option under the dropdown menu.
  • Now find the Keynote file to upload into your Google Drive.
  • The Keynote file will begin to appear on Google Drive.
  • Make a right-click on the Keynote file.
  • Choose the Open with an option under the dropdown menu.
  • Select CloudConvert.
  • CloudConvert can easily convert your Keynote file in Google Drive.
  • Once you choose CloudConvert, you’ll be asked to sign in to your account before moving toward the conversion procedure.
  • Just after signing in to CloudConvert, you’ll see the file conversion page.
  • Under the Dropdown boxes, choose your file format that Google Slides support, such as PPTX and PPT.
  • Mark on the Save output files to Google Drive and press Convert.
  • Once the file is converted successfully, it will appear in Google Drive.
  • Or, you can download the converted file from CloudConvert.
  • Now make right-click on the converted file and choose Google Slides under the drop-down menu.

So this is how you can convert your Keynote file and access it on Google Slides easily. CloudConvert is such an excellent tool to convert file formats. Once you convert the .key file to PPT or PPTX format, you can start using it on PowerPoint as well.


You can access Apple Keynote files on Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices, but it’s hard to open and access them on PowerPoint and Google Slides. So if any user is willing to use a Keynote on Google Slide or PowerPoint, they must convert it into a compatible format that PowerPoint and Google Slide support.

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