'Slide' Gesture : What Could It Mean for Apple Pencil Users

'Slide' Gesture : What Could It Mean for Apple Pencil Users

May 7, 2021, 7:38:45 AM Tech and Science

To date, gestures associated with Apple Pencil are restricted to double-tap only. But, a slide gesture may come very soon that may allow the changes in size without touching the iPad screen.

The latest patent filing has revealed that the tech giant has been researching the new feature for slide gestures. It has been going on to be introduced for iPad Stylus, which is sensitive to any pressure. Every year, Apple refreshes a dozen iPad tablets, but it has released Apple Pencil’s only two versions since 2015. Rumors are suggesting that the third model of Apple Pencil might be in development. The new patent may highlight some of the features in the upcoming Pencil.

Apple launched its first Apple Pencil with its first iPad Pro which was 12.9 inches. It was exclusive to the tablets introduced with the Pro lineup. This original stylus launched by the tech giant offered a remarkable degree of flexibility regarding the amount of pressure and angle of tilt applied while drawing for artists. It became possible for the art apps to use these additional features in brushstrokes allowing more artistic expression, which was not possible with a standard stylus.

A large number of users received Apple Pencil very well everywhere. But, people felt something awkward while charging and pairing it as they need to remove the cap and insert the stylus’s end into their iPad’s lightning port while leaving the rest of the stylus protruding. In the year 2018, March, the tech giant made its Pencil compatible with its iPad tablets in a more significant number. It includes making it compatible with the iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3, and its sixth-generation or newer lowest cost iPad.

Later in the year 2018, Apple launched its second-generation Apple Pencil with many improvements and enhancements. Its second-generation Pencil was launched with magnetic induction-charging and wireless pairing. Plus, it was introduced with an improved ergonomic that allowed it to stick to the edge of the newer model iPad Air and iPad Pro tablets.

PatentlyApple has recently spotted the latest European patent filing that has sparked the rumors that Apple will launch the third Apple Pencil. The patent documents describe the slide gesture made along the stylus length. Further, it seems that a finger has held the stylus. It could allow any art app to change the brush’s thickness or decrease and increase opacity without needing to touch the iPad screen.

Currently, the second-generation Apple Pencil allows this type of essential gesture. You can use double-tap gestures to change between erasing and drawing and to swap between colors. It was not possible with the first-generation Apple Pencil. However, it is unclear whether such a feature will require an entirely new stylus model or possibly with the latest model. The double-tap feature can be enabled in the newest model with touch array capacity.

The Third Generation Apple Pencil

Microsoft has been releasing its Surface Pen’s new versions since the year 2012. With its every new Surface Pro, it has been increasing and adding pressure sensitivity, allowing magnetic attachment, making it more and more responsive, and detecting the angle of tilt.

Similarly, Samsung has also been updating its S Pen since the year 2011, adding Air Gestures and remote control through Bluetooth. It allows the users to swipe movement from a distance.

Many recognize Apple Pencil as the best for art, but there are no fewer proponents for Microsoft and Samsung. Plus, the continued improvements regularly introduced by these two top competitors are an extra incentive that forced Apple to launch the new version.

While believing the rumors, it seems that the tech giant could launch third-generation Apple Pencil as soon as the launch of the iPad Pro 2021. Since Apple has already announced the product, so the third-generation Pencil is going to take longer.

A patent document that Apple filed previously suggests that it may introduce the ability to pick colors from the objects in the real world using the in-built color sensor in the Apple Pencil. Seeing these documents, it can’t be denied that possibilities are a lot.

However, since the anticipations to include a slide gesture are based on the latest patent application so nothing can be said at the moment at all. The tech giant often files a patent, and many of them go unused when exploring what feature it may introduce to the devices. However, at the moment, it can be said that something new is in development as the apple Pencil was updated three years back.

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