The Latest Wi-Fi 6E Routers Released by Linksys

The Latest Wi-Fi 6E Routers Released by Linksys

May 10, 2021, 9:02:16 AM Tech and Science

Linksys has released the latest Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) technology Wi-Fi 6E routers on Thursday, and if a user is interested in buying it, then he can purchase a two-pack offer for $900 and a three-pack offer for $1,200. The user, who was anxiously waiting for the new technology, has now realized with the “Linksys Velop Atlas Max 6E” that access to the 6GHz frequency band wouldn’t come at a bargain price. 

One of the proliferating network hardware company Linksys has unveiled the latest Wi-Fi routers, which can be bought in two iterations. Both of the iterations support the Wi-Fi 6E, and in technical terms, it means that with the help of this router, the users can transmit information via a 6GHz frequency band. The best thing about 6GHz frequency transmission is the fact that it offers bandwidth space almost double that of 5GHz; however, some tech experts have expressed doubt whether we will conjure up devices to support Wi-Fi 6E soon enough. Anyways, the Federal Communication Commission of the United States did permit unlicensed use last year. Now, Linksys has released a new product titled “Hydra Pro 6E” and “Atlas Max 6E,” costing around $500 respectively. However, if you wish to purchase the whole three-pack product, it would cost you around $1200. 

If we can begin with the mesh product, Atlas Max, then we must note the fact that it is the latest edition in the Linksys’ Velop product of mesh routers, and apart from the addition of Wi-Fi 6E technology, there is absolutely no difference between “Atlas Max 6E” and the preceding version. Some users are disappointed with the Linksys that they haven’t added a system and appearance upgrade along with Wi-Fi 6E provided the fact that they will cost around $500, which is a walloping price for a solitary router. Furthermore, the two-pack is priced around $900, and the three-pack is exorbitantly priced around $1,200 to give users some thought before opting to purchase the product. 

However, if we can leave the untouched appearances aside, there is a lot to glance at about the latest product from Linksys. The Atlas Max product has been designated as an “AXE8400” device. Now, you must understand a few technical nomenclatures. Firstly, the prefix term “AXE” means that the router is capable of transmitting information in the 6GHz band (Wi-Fi 6E router). And, the term “8400” alludes to the fact that the router is capable of transmitting information at a break-neck speed of 8.4 gigabits every second. Regardless of the theoretical capabilities, the users should always keep in mind the caveat that a certain device can transmit information at one particular frequency band, and even more so, the final speed output will entirely depend on the use of optical fibers and the kind of internet plan you are using at your home. For your information, the best internet plan in the country offers internet speed as high as 2 gigabits per second. 

The most common frequency bands in use are the 2.4, 5, and 6GHz bands. The 2 and 5 GHz bands are prevalent throughout the world, and the users are already familiar with them. However, the 6GHz band is a newly accessible transmission alternative and offers a massive bandwidth compared to 2 and 5 GHz; however, the only devices that can work on this frequency band are 6E devices, which are currently very few in the market. The 6E devices that we know of comprise of Samsung Galaxy S21 and other solitary 6E cards that can be operated on working desktop or notebooks if you want to use them. 

However, as far as the motion tracking Aware feature from Linksys is concerned that uses the science of frequency disturbance to detect the presence of an intruder, the company has made it clear that it will only be available with the Velop devices supporting Wi-Fi 5. 

A spokesperson from Linksys has corroborated the fact that the technology is not presently available with the 6E devices. However, he alluded to the fact that the company is planning to unveil new products such as Atlas Max in the forthcoming future, but no official date has been released by the company.

Now, if we put “Hydra Pro 6E” into the spotlight, then the first thing we need to observe is the fact that it supports data transmission based on the “4X4 Multi User- Multi Input Multi Output” mode. We can also observe that it also WAN port based on 5Gbps data transmission. Another interesting facet of “Hydro Pro 6E” is the fact that it also supports wired transmission, which could offer 200% more speed than the most rapid wireless transmission present in the United States. Should a user decide to configure “Hydra Pro 6E” as the pivotal system in the mesh setup, then he or she can do so because the product is portable and can connect with any Linksys system that has the capability to support intelligent mesh setup from Linksys. 


You can order “Hydra Pro 6E” and “Atlas Max 6E” through the official website of Linksys. However, before proceeding further, you should take another look at the cost and must cross-check your internet plan as well as the devices, and also observe whether they are capable of producing the desired 6 GHz frequency band output or not. 

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