Twitter Blue is Available in The US for $3 a month

Twitter Blue is Available in The US for $3 a month

Nov 29, 2021, 10:06:26 AM News

 Twitter has announced a new service called Twitter Blue for its users in New Zealand and the United States. You can use the feature on the Web, Android, and iOS. It brings more content, features, and customization to the platform.

Here are the details related to the current improvements. Twitter introduced the blue service feature earlier this year in Australia and Canada. Here are the latest features.

Twitter Blue Features- Undo the Tweet

Twitter Blue subscription will grant you the Undo Tweet feature. The subscribers can customize and preview tweets before submitting. It offers Reader access that converts long threads into an easy-to-read experience.

The members can also change the text size to improve their experience even further.

Twitter Blue Features- Ad-Free Articles

Twitter Blue members will enjoy an ad-free and fast-loading reading experience while visiting several news sites. It includes The Washington Post, USA TODAY, LA Times, The Atlantic, Reuters, Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, Hollywood Reporter, and Insider.

Twitter is building more partnerships for more publishers. These news sites will provide ad-free articles or content.

Twitter Blue Features- Top Articles

Twitter Blue Members can easily view the most-shared articles in their current network. In other words, you can see what is essential in your community over the last 24 hours. It provides a new way of catching up on the latest topics on Twitter.

Twitter Blue Features- Customization

Twitter Blue features new app icons, Bookmark folders, and Colorful Themes for members. You will also get a custom navigation that gives you the ability to customize your navigation bar. In other words, you can customize what appears in the navigation bar. It will provide you with quick access to Twitter destinations.

Twitter Blue Features- Early Access

Twitter Blue features early access to the upcoming features for testing. However, it might be available to the rest of Twitter users. Twitter Blue members can pin their favorite conversation to the top of the conversation.

Twitter Blue subscribers can upload videos of up to ten minutes instead of 2 minutes standard length. It is only because of the Longer Video Uploads feature.

Twitter Blue Features- Other Features

Twitter Blue features a great way to bring up the stories you want. It supports national and local ad-free journalism. They are learning and upgrading even more tools or features. These improvements will launch in the upcoming months.

Twitter Blue members can get more features, surprises, and customization features. In short, Twitter Blue is adapting new things as it goes with the help of members’ feedback.


Twitter users in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia can visit the main menu to subscribe to the Twitter Blue Features. You can do so on a desktop or application. If you want to stay up to date related to the feature, then follow us. Enjoy the Twitter Blue features on your device.

Published by Elisa Wilson

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