10 Most Popular Color Shades Of 2021

10 Most Popular Color Shades Of 2021

May 12, 2021, 3:52:53 AM Life and Styles

The color trends for 2021: From rich jewel shades to the Aegean Teal, this article will provide an insight into what's trending in 2021. Select the color that appeals to your taste and give your home a colorful facelift.

A good interior designer will understand the importance of colors. In the words of the famous designer, Christina Murphy - "Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging."

In the last five years, we have seen some amazingly creative homes getting transformed with the theme of colors. With the arrival of 2021, the design trendsetters are ready with a fresh outlook on creating newness with colors. White walls will now get transformed into shades of drama, signifying the personality of the people living within them.

Colors play a significant role in our lives; from the clothes we wear to the car we buy, everything radiates our personality. When it comes to painting your dream home, it is essential to choose the shades that appeal to you. Behind every color, there is an emotion and, it crucial to select the colors that help you express your thoughts.

Thus, to make your life simple, we have picked up the ten shades recommended by the best designers, who are known to set a Global design trend.

1.   The Forever Pastels

As always, pastels will rule this year as well. Pink, baby blue, and mauve are the top picks. These pastel colors will add softness and comfort to your home, making the overall environment calm, relaxing, peaceful, and the room look much larger than its actual footprint.


2.   Apricot Orange

It takes a lot of daring to experiment with new colors. The bold entry this year is Apricot Orange - a color that symbolizes energy and vibrancy. To make this color stand out in your living room, combine it with contrasting colors in decor; brown, black, sage green, blue and white furnishing elements can completely transform your home and happy surprise your visitors.


3.   Paris Grey by Zoffany

The one color that had created noise on Instagram with more than twenty thousand hashtags is Zoffany's gentle Paris Grey. Paris Grey is a shade inspired by the elegant chateaux or the ancient Swedish Manors. This color is royal, versatile yet, simple. This color is available in three finishes - Elite emulsion, Acrylic eggshell, and Oil eggshell.


4.   Classic Blue

Another popular shade that has been extensively used by designers is classic blue. The color represents the feeling of dusk and the soothing color of the evening sky. You can pair this color with bright whites, yellows, and greens to create a natural and comforting atmosphere.


5.   Pigmented Terracotta

This color is an invention of the 21st century. The two beautiful colors, red and pink, blended to create the super cool pigmented terracotta. The color looks like royal brown with more black pigments. This new color is proving to be the top of modern interior designers. It is the perfect destination for those who want their home to symbolize the reconnection with nature.


6.   Aegean Teal

Balanced, elegant, and intriguing - This shade was chosen as the Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year 2021. Aegean Teal is a perfect combination of blue, green with a shade of Gray. This color pairs amazingly with soft creamy hues.


7.   Blush Colour

Although the term blush was first time written as a color name in 1590, the entry of this shade in the field of interior design was in early 2020. This color is no more terms as girly; rather, it is associated with millennial pink emotion. Further, mixing this color with warmer jewel tones and simplistic furniture can create a classy and chic home.


8.   Peacock Blue

Peacock Blue has been in trend for some time now. Shades of charcoal and off black are the close family of peacock blue shade. When paired with warm colors like orange and pink, Peacock blue can create a calm and magical space. In 2021, this shade will dominate most modern homes.


9.   Olive Green

Tranquil and classy, this color is perfect for your bedroom. Having this color around the home can create a calm, fresh, relaxing, and earthly feel to your home. Pair this color with warm neutrals and light furnishing.


10. Rich Jewel Tone

Emerald green, ruby red, rich ruby, sapphire blue, or citrine yellow - these jewel-toned bold and royal shades will create a rich home that will redefine luxury and, with these opulent colors, you can create an inspiring home.


The Bottom Line:

The right color shade can energize your home and make everyone living in it vibrant and joyful. What do you want your home to symbolize?

If you answer this question, you are ready to create a space that resonates with your thoughts and emotions. The above ten colors reflect the various moods that represent human emotions.

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