DIY - How to Make a Fog Machine

DIY - How to Make a Fog Machine

Jan 11, 2018, 6:35:47 PM Creative

A fog machine is sometimes called in few other different names like the smoke machine or fog generator. It’s named alike due to the emission of highly-dense vapor from it, which looks like the smoke or fog. This type of artificial smoke or fog come out of the best fog machine is mainly used for entertainment purposes like Halloween.

You will see the use of this type of smoke in any special drama set like Dracula, Macbeth, or any show related to the haunted matter. It has some other uses like industrial activities, training purposes, and military applications.

The fog is the vaporized outcome of the glycol and water-based fluid mixture. You can produce it also through an automation of mineral oil. But, to that, you initially need a fog machine. There you will find many fog machines available out there on the market. But, you can make it by yourself too. And, this is not very tough certainly. You just need to know about the required ingredients and process. Let’s check the things out.

Necessary Ingredients to Make a Fog Machine

Large size candle with multiple wicks – 1 piece (you can use single one though)

Aluminum pie plate – 1 piece (medium, better if you choose small one)

Big size (2 liters or more) plastic pet bottle’s topper part

Distilled water – 1 gallon

Glycerin- 1 small bottle. You can get it at your nearly located dispensary

Big Size glass – one piece

Steps to Make a Fog Machine

If you have collected the necessary materials. Now you need to follow the steps stated below-

  1. At the very first step, you need to mix the distilled water and glycerin in a glass at the ratio of 3:1. With a spoon stir perfectly until mix very well. Soon after you start to mix them, the water shall be murky. Although, it will be clear immediately after you complete the stirring. This will be called your ‘fog juice’, which will be inserted into the machine to make dense fog or smoke.

  2. Take a 2 liter (Pepsi/Coca-Cola) empty plastic bottle. Cut off the upper part and take away the cap. Then, with the masking tape attach that into the front (mouth) of another ingredient- the small ‘aluminum pie plate’. This kind of attachment (masking tape) will prevent any leakage of fog. This unit is said to be the “fog dispenser”

  3. Hang on the fog dispenser over the large size candle, and light all the wicks of the candle. Both the dispenser and candle should be closely nearby so that the flames can heat the aluminum pie plate effectively. Let the flame allow to heat the pie plate fully.

  4. At the final step, add one spoon amount of fog juice into the half-cut bottle and see as the fog puffs out of your dispenser. Periodically yet continuously give more amount of fog juice into the bottle when the producing fog starts running low. This is all about how to make a fog machine at your home.


To get a truly unique type of ambiance for your entertainment, a quality fog machine is unparalleled. It has the most common use at the time of Halloween, although there are good numbers of other creative uses. At one sentence- a fog machine is an unavoidable unit for the entertainment purpose or creative works.

As you have seen the easiest way to make a decent fog machine at home, so the entertainment is going to be denser. But, if you don’t want to deal the making procedures, then we suggest you purchase a fog machine from any shop near to you or from online.  

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