How to Kill the Fear of Public Speaking

How to Kill the Fear of Public Speaking

Dec 26, 2017, 7:24:47 PM Life and Styles

Oh! Come on.

You know the most amazing gift we have as being human. Right?

That is the ability to speak.

The reasons why our civilization has reached this level are to share our discoveries and telling the stories of triumph and failures to the next generation.

And you have the same goal, you want to help people to become the best version they can.

You want to ignite people's possibilities by sharing the experiences you have accumulated along the way.

You know the power of motivation and how it can change the life of people around you.

But here comes the fear of public speaking. You are great with your thoughts in front of your friends and family.

When you face a complete stranger audience then you hide your confidence behind the curtain of the entrance gate.

You know you can do this but still, find it impossible to win your game.

Today we are going to kill this fear together so you can follow your dream to become a speaker, teacher, priest or philosopher.

Get out of your comfort zone

Tell me, You have built a fine boat and you are skilled in sailing but you are waiting at ashore and your wait never ends.

Are your excuses are stronger than your will to do it?

No, they are not.

Can’t you be honest with your want and take this risk?

Of course, you can.

Then stop lying yourself to stay in your comfort zone.

All you need a start. Don’t worry about the entire task, just think about the first step.

Use the 20 seconds method. Be courageous for 20 seconds and just let it go.

When your clock completes this 20 seconds milestone time, you will be on a wonderful journey to make a difference around you.

Focus on the reason you want to become a speaker.

Once you do it, the whole world will follow you on your mission.

Make Some Mistakes

Let me share you the idea how I conquered the fear of sharing my thoughts with an audience.

I chose my favorite topics to make a speech.

I gathered my friends and families and gave them these clear instructions:

  • Target my weak points of delivering my speech.
  • Help me find out the mistakes I make while speaking.
  • Criticize my performance as much as you can.

They really did a good job and  I succeeded with this experiment.

Now I had a big list of the things either I need to avoid or improve within my speech.

Guess what?

I decided to make it more real and challenging for me.

I started speaking for free wherever I got an audience.

I made the mistakes again and again and one day I got rid of them.

Yes, you can also try the same and do it in your way.

It will help you to understand your weaknesses and boost your strengths.

Talk to One, not to Thousands

Let’s talk about the big show.

How do you face an audience of thousands of people?

You meet them With the following questions taking each drop of confidence away from you:

  1. What if your audience dislikes your speech?
  2. What happens if it does not go as you planned?
  3. How will you answer their unknown questions?

Carve these words inside your minds.

The only reason people are there is to listen to you.

They want the solutions to their problems from you.

And they believe that you will help them uplift their lives.

Now go for it as if you are talking to only one person.

Talk to him, make him believe in you and pour your knowledge to dispel his ignorance with your words.

This method can achieve the success with your fear of public speaking.

Be Yourself, Don’t Copy Others

Imitation is not going to work for you.

Be original with your thoughts, with your stories, and with your intentions.

You can learn from others but you can not teach people in the same manner your guru and mentor do.

You always have some struggle in the beginning but that is where you discover yourself.

Otherwise, you will not offer a valuable service to people and then there is not much hope for you.

You have to make a unique stand out there.

If you can’t, I will suggest that this is not a right path for you.

Prepare Yourself as You are on War

This is not a completely new advice for you.

I would like to borrow some words here.

“If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.”

                                                                  ― Mark Spitz

The simple truth of your success lies in your preparation.

You won’t be able to make it for a long time if you are not prepared for it.

It’s like you are going on a journey. You never forget to pack the important stuff before you leave your house.

Apply the same rule before you deliver a speech.

Here is the help you need:

  • Analyze your audience.
  • Research enough material.
  • Write it and edit it again and again.
  • Do not forget to prepare an amazing conclusion.
  • Add points to engage the audience


There is always a chance to make mistake. Everyone does.

But if you prepare yourself the right way, you can minimize them impressively.

Your Experience is your Best Friend

Now if you are looking for a solution which takes away all of your worries and tensions.

That is your experience.

You have come a long way in your life.

You have seen many struggles, hurdles, and failures to reach here.

If you find yourself stuck in any situation your experience will always be there to help you.

Though you have to use it wisely and only where it relates to the story.


I hope this article helps you to destroy all your fears of public speaking.

If you have any doubt or suggestion please leave it in the comment section.

Do share this article with your friends.

Thank you!

Published by Ella Maclin

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