Let your lovely locks have a refreshing summer!

Let your lovely locks have a refreshing summer!

Jun 20, 2021, 12:49:34 PM Life and Styles

It's summer time again. Has your hair lost its lustrous beauty? Your hair can take a heavy toll while the sun shines its fury over the summer months. Your tresses may look a little dull and lifeless. You may notice that strands are brittle and may even split at the ends. So get ready to combat summer days with some hair damage prevention tips that can keep you looking young and healthy. See Tanya Borisovskaya

Preventive tips:

Condition ladies, condition!

When the weather is hot and sultry, you can relax with a tall glass of lemonade and you feel better instantly. Your hair is not so lucky! Summer drains your hair of moisture leaving it dry.

For you, avid swimmers, it is especially important to protect the hair upon every swim. I know this seems like a long procedure but I promise it is very simple.

Before going to the pool or sea:

Wash your hair with a deeper moisturizing shampoo. Shampoos containing keratin, jojoba oil or wheat germ oil are excellent to replenish all that sun baked hair. Most people misconceptions are that you can only feed your hair with conditioner, but this is simply not true. These oils strengthen the bond of the hair, and equalize the porosity allowing the cuticle to seal the conditioner in

By dampening the hair and applying a leave in conditioner before swimming, your hair is protected against the chlorine. Your hair will only absorb so much so if it is already full with protein it can't absorb all those harmful chemicals.

Also look out for the new leave in conditioners with sunscreen in them, for all you babes with thin light hair you know how it feels to have a sun burnt scalp

Apply a weekly conditioning mask to restore the sundrenched by giving your hair the right amount of protein. The elements and pollutants of summer destroy the porosity of your hair, so balance and fix this damage with protein rich products. When the hair lacks the necessary fatty acids it becomes dry and lifeless. Products containing lavender, rosemary, mint, aloe vera or vitamin E, hold the secret to restoring that moisture. 

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