A Christmas Cracker of Doctor Who Specials

A Christmas Cracker of Doctor Who Specials

We got our teaser. We got our Radio Times listicles, we got our sneaky hints from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. 

This calls for a preliminary look at our first taste of Doctor Who after a full year of withdrawal (I barely survived). I seriously don't know who thought that was a good idea. It's been hard, to say the least. 

But anyway. The trailer, Moffat's sneaky leaks and Nardole. 

Firstly, who loves Matt Lucas? I do. Nardole did annoy me in last year's special though - he wasn't a likeable character in my eyes and he didn't endear himself to me like so many other supporting characters have done in the past. The news that he's returning this year didn't thrill me, and it also confused me a little. Wasn't he stuck on the robot King's head last time we saw him? How does that work? 

I'm guessing the explanation will be wibbly wobbly timey wimey, and I can't really argue with a nice paradoxical sequence. 

Now... If you keep up with everything that's happening regarding Doctor Who, you'll know that the episode will be titled 'The Return of Doctor Mysterio'. But who is Doctor Mysterio? Maybe he's the villain. But again, we don't know. We just haven't been told enough. We probably won't find out until 25th December. 

There's a theory going around in certain circles (*cough* Tumblr *cough) that the Doctor himself will actually be the antagonist in this story. I would love to see this, it would be a major change from everything that has come before in Moffat's storylines. Considering the fact that the showrunner isn't retiring yet, we need a new burst of life from him. A plot like that would rocket him back into our good books.  

The Doctor teams up with a superhero. A frickin' superhero. If that doesn't scream 'YES THIS WILL BE EXCELLENT' then I don't know what does.

Finally, the statement that Mark Gatiss actually cried at the script for the special. Although, whether this was to do with the quality of the writing (good or otherwise) or at the content, we are yet to find out...

In any case, I'm hideously excited for this year's Christmas special, and I'll be typing out my theories and hopes right up until we actually get our Doctor Who hit. 

(photo from http://www.bbc.co.uk)

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