Carry On - A Very Gay Review

Carry On - A Very Gay Review

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell


This review will contain spoilers! 

First of all- this book is beautiful. It's truly one of the most lovely things I've ever seen. I loved it since I first set eyes on it.

In case you're not caught up, Carry On originally comes from Rainbow Rowell's previous book Fangirl. In Fangirl, the protagonist Cath writes fanfiction based on a popular (fictional but based on Harry Potter) book series. Carry On is Rowell's interpretation of both what the fanfiction that Cath wrote was, and also the answer to a massive ask for the Simon Snow series of books (it's complicated, and I don't explain things well).

But the cover is truly awesome. I don't know exactly what it is about it, but it's great. Also if you take the dust cover off, the two people on the front (who are Simon and Baz, the protagonists) are about to kiss on the image on the actual cover. I mean... Who could ask for more?


But onto the actual content. Like I tried to explain earlier, this story is based on Harry Potter in a loose way, connected to Fangirl (I'll review that at some point too... probably). The characters of Baz and Simon are also loosely based on Draco and Harry from the series, so basically all you need to know that it's like a really, really good published Drarry fanfiction, in a different universe and with completely different characterisations.

On a scale of 1 to gay, this book is a rainbow. It's actually just awesome, but that doesn't really do it for what is supposed to be a detailed book review of 1000+ words. Basically, Simon starts the book off with a girlfriend called Agatha, who's supposed to be really pretty and kind and sweet. She's okay though, I guess. I wouldn't date her, but each to their own.

And thus forth come the gay.

Basically, Baz is hella gay for Simon, but Simon's a bit dense. Just a little bit. Like a stodgy Yorkshire pudding (the kind Paul Hollywood would throw across the Bake Off tent). So he doesn't notice Baz's feelings and continues being blissfully ignorant.

Baz is also a vampire, did I mention that?

One thing though: if you're the kind of person who prefers to read prequels before sequels, I would recommend reading Fangirl first. Although the two stories are in no way connected, it does give you much needed background to where the idea for this story came from, which is otherwise lost. It's not just someone copying Harry Potter, I promise.

The hardcover versions of this book are £12.99 retail price (at least that's what it says in the inside cover) which is about $15.83 according to Google. I did only get it for a fiver, because I got it through a discount books company on Amazon, but it is a beautiful book, it really is.


But anyway. I'll wrap this up now. It's a firm 5/5. I love all the characters, it's new, it's gay, and it's a fresh take on everything magical. I wish there would be a sequel to this amazing book, but I know my hopes are futile. And anyway - Rowell's other books will surely keep me occupied. All of her stories are worth the read, she's a truly amazing author.


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