Maybe I'm a little late, considering that it's already the 12th, but I've already composed renditions of a 'welcome to October' post for both my sixth form's student blog and my own blog (http://tardisinthelibrary.wordpress.com) and I felt like I was depriving myself of yet another opportunity to ramble on about films and sweets. 

So, here we are. The month of sugar highs, pumpkin spiced lattes (don't knock it until you've tried it, I swear you won't regret the decision) and scary movies. Not that I'll be exploring the latter here - I got nightmares from Sixth Sense, so I'm staying firmly away from anything else that might scare me. Not even the 'Scary Movie' franchise, before you ask. I'm a pretty big wimp. I can't even deal with blood. 

But I digress.

Sugar highs, classic Halloween movies, trick or treating... The massive Tumblr hype that seems to infect everyone to an extreme. The Spooky Scary Skeletons song. The Monster Mash. And of course, who can leave out the Time Warp?

I look forward to October every year, I love the colours and sounds that autumn brings. There's something about playing in a pile of leaves that makes me want to open my eyes and run out into the new day. The mornings are beautifully misty and cloudy, drifting into the frost that signifies that we're safely into winter.

I have to wake up early every morning to get into my sixth form college, and I've started breaking out my scarves and jumpers to keep myself warm until this year's winter coat arrives to save me. I always end up taking photos of the spiders webs covered in dew, and the pale blue sky, until I start to tumble down the hole of becoming that one hipster girl with the Starbucks and perfect Instagram account. 

But it's just October that gets me like this. It's the gap between summer and Christmas, after school's gotten back into session and everyone's in a routine again. It leads up to November and National Novel Writing Month, and paves the way to my favourite time of year. And it's always beautiful, no matter how much rain my tiny little market town gets, no matter how crap the traffic is on a Friday morning. 

The photo I included with this post is one I took on Tuesday afternoon, on a blissfully cold but sunny afternoon on the train back home from college. Again, hipster girl returns. But still, I adore the blur that speed produces, and how everything combined to create an almost ethereal sense of... something that's there, but not quite.

I'm digressing, again, so I'll round this off before you get tired with me and my rambles. October is a beautiful month, and I almost wish that it went on for longer. Still, I'll be waiting with bated breath until Halloween, and all the glorious sugar highs that will doubtless come with it. 

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