The Return Of Doctor Mysterio - A Review

The Return Of Doctor Mysterio - A Review

So, finally. After a year, we have more Doctor Who. The question, however, is whether it was worth the wait.

So far (as Christmas Day was almost a full week ago), the episode has garnered mostly positive reviews, which bodes well for the new series coming in September 2017. Although - did the format work well, including the obvious references to well-known superhero tropes and the lack of blatant Christmas spirit?

Of course, I will be talking about the episode in detail, so make sure you've watched it fully before reading the rest of this to avoid any spoilers!

First of all, The Ghost. Back when I last looked at the upcoming special back in October, I asked the inevitable question of how Nardole would get cut out of the King's head. We did get our answer, but not in much depth, unfortunately. The most we get is a passing reference, which is understandable but as it's such a major point that could easily become a gaping plot hole, I'm slightly disappointed that we got no further context, not even in a flashback. 

The Doctor was not the antagonist in this story either, which proved Tumblr wrong, and rather we had a team of head slicing open, brain replacing aliens. Which I really enjoyed, it felt like we were going back to the older formats of Doctor Who, before the complicated plot lines overtook the old beauty. It especially reminded me of Classic Doctor Who, in a way, especially throwing back to some old Jon Pertwee stories. 

Next, The Ghost. Oh, The Ghost. Basically Clark Kent, lets be real. He resembles the classic superman in  many ways, from his hair to his glasses to his superhuman strength. He also gets his powers from swallowing an alien stone, which is bizarre but brilliant. Although young Grant is a little bit dumb, to blindly eat something a strange man gave him. 

But the love story between the journalist Lucy and her childminder (who is Grant, funnily enough, AKA The Ghost) was adorable, it really made me happy. It might not have been Christmassy, but I adored it, and we got out continuity issue solved.

You know that device the Doctor was fiddling with at the beginning? That was to resolve the paradoxes formed by his previous visit to Manhattan in The Angels Take Manhattan. A cheats way out, definitely, but I'm not complaining. 

Published by Ellie Crowson-Jeffery

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