European Capital of Culture 2017

European Capital of Culture 2017

Last night it was the official opening of the European Capital of Culture 2017 in the city where i live. I was debating wether to go or not, but they kinda decided for me that i SHOULD go with them! And I did not regret it. It was very beautiful and we enjoyed watching the parade, the lights and firework!


After the things were over we decided that we wanted to eat. That is when the problem of "where to at" occurred. We did end in a burger restaurant which I had never been at and the food was amazing!
The programme for the European Capital of Culture 2017 will be amazing! There will be things from full moon events to performing arts, design and litterature happenings. So if you are nearby Aarhus you should definitely visit!

The next two pictures is from the official instagram account for the capital of culture: aarhus_2017. I wanted to get pictures of the parade and the fireworks but I couldn't get a good picture myself.

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