Happy Holidays from Goodiebox

Happy Holidays from Goodiebox

December is here! That means that my newest Goodiebox has arrived!
This time as always there are a lot of different amazing things! This month I have gotten 8 great things!

I am especially excited to try the Vichy Skin Sleep! It says that it is really good if you don't get enough sleep and I know that I dont in these times. I have a lot of work, university and of course exams! So when I get the time to sleep I am always feeling bad because I have a lot of things to do and then I lay in bed and I thing about anything and  everything and that leads of course to me not getting my sleep! So if this creme can make my skin look like I had my 8 hours of sleep that would be amazing!

The Karmameju Wild Body Oil looks like it will be fabulous to use! It smells so nice of different citrus fruits and God knows I love my citrus fruit smells!

I can only say as always, that I will really look forward to try these things! I really am happy about the things I got since september. I really never get disappointed. Of course there are things that I might not use, but then if I feel like my mom would like some of the things that I might not use, then I make her a little package with the things because they are really good and a lot of them are really expensive, so instead of just throwing them out they could be something she would use. Or you can always pack a little box of things and give it as a hostess gift or something to a friend.

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