The Colors Of Life

The Colors Of Life

Jun 21, 2016, 1:22:56 AM Life and Styles

The Maybelline New York Colorama and ColorShow nail polished is a life saver for me! Truly, I love them. They are so easy to apply, they dry fast and one little bottle can last for a very long time!

I have a tiny collection right now, but I am so satisfied with them, that I think that it is the best drugstore nail polish I have ever tried, and I am surely going to expand my collection of these beauties... They are very cheap, but their queality is actually very good despite the fact that they are so cheap.

The Maybelline New York nail polish collection I have is a very small one but I use them a lot!
The first shade I have is 120. It is the green color and it is a very bright and fresh shade of green and is very nice for summer but it can go very well at winter too. I personally tend to go more on the dark red and dark purple in the winter time. But if you need a little summer in those long winter days, this would be a nice color to go for.

The next one is the red/orange color, which I actually do not have the name of because it is very old so the little paper where the shade should be is unfortunately unreadable. But it is a very beutiful bright red/orange shade. When you look at the bottle it looks more like a reddish shade, but it is actually a very beautiful orange color. I use this quite often and I really like this color. Like the green this one is such a pretty color for summer! I love pairing this with a nice white dress so that the bright orange can be eye catching.

The next shade is 254 and it is the beige color. It is a very nice and very gentle color. It is very nice for everyday. Nothing too much, but there is a hint of color on your nails. Very pretty shade of beige/creme. I love to wear this color because it is so simple but it gives you the confidence of having pretty nails without having too much color on.

The last one is 130 and it is a simple white color. I really like this color, as it is a neutral color and can go with everything. I am at the moment obsessed with white nails and have been using this color a lot. I usually apply this color a couple of times on my nails to achieve the  right white I want to have, i would say maybe 2-3 times. But of course if you only apply it once it will be more see through. So for a real white color you should apply it a couple of times until you are satisfied.
I am at the moment obsessed with white nails and have been using this color a lot.

At last I would like to show a top coat that I use with my nail polishes. It is also a very cheap drug store nail polish top coat and it is from the brand Essence. It is the XXL volume Essence Gel-Look plumping top coat and I am really loving this at the moment because it really makes a big difference for my nails.

I use this of course as a top coat, which makes my nails a lot thicker, and my nails sometimes break easily. This makes them stronger and the best thing is that it really makes the nail polish hold so much longer... I can go with the Colorama nail polish and the gel on top for a week and the color will still hold and the nails still look pretty. So someone like me, being a very lazy person especially when it comes to coloring nails, would probably love this top coat!

Published by Elma Omukic

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