Monday Coffee With A Hint Of Inspiration

Monday Coffee With A Hint Of Inspiration

Peppermint tea please! And a slice of hazelnut chocolate cake. What will you have today? It's great to see the coffee shop so full and vibrant; I do miss it when I'm too busy to visit. Today, I have a special story to tell, so once you've collected your order, join me on the mustard chair.

Have you ever felt an overwhelming joy in having certain people in your life? Whether it is for five minutes or five hours, their presence lights up your world.  Well, there is a certain lady I know who has this flame burning within her. From her glorious red hair to her eclectic fashion, she exudes energy.  Imagine combining that with a good cause. Tragedy struck Italy recently, with many hundreds losing their lives during an earthquake.  Our heroine of the day comes from Italy and with £20 in hand, decided to raise money to help her fallen nationals. Her talents as a cook (as well as being an artist, teacher and seamstress) meant that she could tap into her talents to help raise money.  

Using the £20, she starting offering family and friends an opportunity to buy her delicious homemade Amatriciana  sauce which, of course, I took the opportunity to taste. I was not disappointed. Alessandra's ability to make something beautiful extends to most parameters of her life and this was definitely one of them. We scoffed up our share of jars before the week was out and was very sorry when she had to stop creating her sauce due to time constraints.

Her amazing work has raised £100 and many happy families would like to thank her for making their dinners much easier for the past few weeks. I can imagine the Red Cross will appreciate the money raised too.

I love sharing stories like this.  Do you know someone that gives back to the community in many different ways? Please, share you stories in the comments below or link it to my post.  Let's spread the positivity further.  If you would prefer a more standard positive post, link up to Trent's Weekly Smile . Sharing a smile a week can't be a bad thing. 

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