Monday/Tuesday Coffee

Yawn! Well, coffee did not happen last night. Instead I had to deal with a sickly dog and a disruptive cat.  Apologies if you were waiting at the coffee house in the ether; I had no way of contacting you as the cat had me pinned down.  It was on the fence who would win the dominant role for a while.  Fortunately, I prevailed.  The cat is now back in his room, hissing and shooting venomous stares in my direction every time I check on him.

Henry is much better, though he too, kept me busy. At one point I felt like a doorman awaiting guests at the local dog hotel. His sparkly spirit kept me smiling and the waggly tail showing appreciation made the job easier (unlike the vicious feline who has left marks all over my arms!). He has recently been a source of inspiration for my writing, what with his crazy antics and quirky nature.  Thank goodness he has stopped stealing socks and slippers, though the cuddly toys are no longer safe. Nothing says, I love you, better than regurgitated stuffed dog ears.

How has your weekend been? Did you manage to achieve your objectives from last week? I have not written enough to celebrate any achievements, but I am happy to say that, on the work front, we are now starting a book club and writing club for the children.  I'm so excited to be a part of it and hope the children become avid readers and writers from the process. It gave me an opportunity to investigate writing competitions and there are quite a few options for children.  The Children's Anthology of Short Stories should be arriving this week or early next week and I can honestly say the children can't wait.  Their stories captured in a book to be read by their classmates, families and friends is a huge deal.  I actually feel happier about their book than my own and never underestimate the privileged position I have in being a part of the process of developing their minds.  How wonderful to think that maybe, one day, I might know a famous author who came from our school!

That privileged position extends to right now: having the time to share a morning coffee with you whilst Henry lays stretched out across my lap and the music from La Dolce Vita plays on the television in front of me. The smell of vanilla and apple candles burning and a view of the playing field across the road with dozens of pretty seagulls tottering about, as though on holiday from the beach. Yes, this is a grand way to start my Tuesday and considering how little sleep I captured last night, I think a Peppermint tea is in order accompanied by Marmite on toast.

Join me, if you like, and let's sit back and listen to the music together.

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