Things I'm Currently Obsessed With

Things I'm Currently Obsessed With

Nov 2, 2016, 1:37:48 AM Life and Styles

We all know that feeling as a child when you go to the cinema to see the new Disney film release and you instantly become obsessed with whatever character takes your fancy. Recently, I have gained this feeling about many things in my life, from foods to clothing items. I thought I would share with you what I'm obsessed with this Autumn season.

1. The Sims 3: Ever since I can remember I have adored Sims and having jumped from windows to a mac in the last couple of years I wasn't able to transfer it easily to my new computer. But recently I downloaded it to my mac and I've just become obsessed! I spend literal hours at a time slaving away to my digital family - definitely not time wasted

2. Fish & Chips: Starting to wonder if I'd even be English if this statement wasn't relevant to me...all jokes aside recently I've had constant crazy cravings for good old fashioned English fish & chips - I guess this is what happens when you holiday to America and eat nothing but milkshakes and burgers

3. The Hamilton Soundtrack: I honestly cannot even remember the last time I got into my car and didn't play this soundtrack on shuffle. Every song is just beautiful to my ears...if you are a fan of musicals you have to listen to this soundtrack, it will most definitely change your life for eternity

4. Reading in the park: A few weeks back I read my favourite book 'To Kill a Mockingbird' in the park whilst the leaves gracefully fell and I've been in love with the idea ever since, but sadly haven't managed to return to read another chapter of a different book

5. SMASH: I absolutely adore Musical Theatre so when I decided to re-watch this series because I missed the second season I knew I was bound to fall in love all over again. The music is wonderful, acting superb, twists all believable...please make Bombshell a real musical!!!!

6. Burgundy jumpers: Are you even celebrating your Autumn style if you're not wearing a burgundy jumper?

7. Baths: I absolutely love this time of year when it starts to get a bit colder and I'm able to have a bath without feeling crazy hopping in the tub whilst it's hot outside - plus, it's super relaxing 

8. My Art of Belle mug: I knew as soon as I purchased this mug I would be obsessed, especially with how much tea I drink I knew it would be put to good use

9. Writing lists: Oddly, I've always enjoyed writing lists, but recently I've been so busy on a day to day basis that the night before I've had to consistently write a 'to-do' list for the next day. It makes my day more organised and stress free, plus it makes me want to get everything done

10. The sound of Christmas: To my dismay Halloween is now over, but that does mean Christmas is very close round the corner and I cannot wait to start decorating in preparation to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year

I hope you enjoyed my current obsessions with Autumn season, I shall be posting up on my main blog soon and hope to see you there:



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