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It is the thing that typically influences your health. So, if you have a good lifestyle ensuring health-enhancing measures then your health will be good and vice versa.

There are several factors in and around your lifestyle that impact health and need your due consideration for a healthy life. The first thing is to identify those factors and then mold them in a way that leads you towards a healthy lifestyle.  

To ensure a healthy life then the following lifestyle factors needs to be ticked off in your health-related list:


Diet is the key to success here and towards leading a healthy lifestyle. If your diet is good naturally then a lot of things are already good and in the right way. If not then you need to make a good bit of effort to make it rich with the right desirable ingredients. Your diet should be rich with nutrients, no matter, which part of the world or culture you belong to. 

The idea here is to have a nice balanced diet where people should equally consider eating vegetables, fruits, white meat, and occasionally red meat as well. You need to eat right and not too much to avoid obesity. This is also where physical activities can play a great role in complementing your diet.

In short, quality food choices make a big impact on your health and how you would feel today, tomorrow and in the coming time. It has been seen that poor diet in developed, developing or even in underdeveloped countries leads to certain diseases.

Obesity is one big common problem. This is followed by the risk of various chronic diseases in adults including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and several other diseases.  

Keeping your diet habit healthy and balanced means that you will be able to control lots of risk factors that are related to your overall health and well-being. It is necessary to have an understanding of your bodily needs and requirements based on the metabolic rate and energy needs of your body.

In case if you have a habit of eating balanced dietary components and take necessary precautions in avoiding unhealthy food and keep the fats under control then you can probably live a healthier and happier life.

Technological Advancement and our health 

Technology no doubt has helped mankind a lot, but it has come at a price. Technology in one place has comforted us in many ways but also has made us lazy. 

A lot of our jobs once done manually are automated now and this has taken away the health benefit of natural exercise, enhancing our health organically. Being overly connected with technological devices can result in both physical and psychological issues.

The psychological issues include narcissism, distraction, anxiety, and depression, etc. The physical repercussions of physical health could cause visionary problems, hearing loss, back and neck pain, etc. A good thing here is that all these health issues could be alleviated with the proper steps taken.

You must not be overly dependent on technology. The best practices need to be adapted with technology for a healthy life that is lesser dependent on machines and devices.

On the other hand, if we see that, technological advancements in the health sector has proven to be most helpful in diagnosing and treating people having severe or moderate and mild level illnesses. We can see that the latest surgical and diagnostic interventions using different medical technologies are more efficient in supporting quick and better diagnosis with greater chances of accuracy as compared to manual analysis.

We can say that it all depends on the correct usage of technology for the betterment of mankind that will show us the positive impact on our health.

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Written by Elsie D.Granier

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