Full Body Power Workout

Full Body Power Workout

Hi guys!

This is my first post and I am super excited to be working with My Trending Stories. I've been managing a blog on WordPress for a few years now and will be posting a few of those posts on here for the first few weeks. If anyone has any opposition to this unoriginality, please do not hesitate to comment at the bottom of this post.

OKAY, so to kick start this I wanted to give you guys an amazing full body workout. It focuses on power and building muscle. LADIES, I cannot emphasis how absurd it is to not lift heavy weights in the fear of looking like a body builder or The Hulk. You will not get bulky, you will tone and look fabulous, trust me on this. I've been lifting heavy for a few years now and I'm still a rake haha. All jokes aside, aim for heavy weights and endurance in this workout. 


Note: I structure my workouts with "reps x sets"




20 minutes cardio of your choice (2 minute warm up - cardio - 2 minute cool down/slower pace)


1) Heavy Weight BB Deadlift - 4x4 

2 a) Lat Pull-Down - 6x4

   b) Pistol Squat - 2 (each leg) x 4

3 a) Cable Bicep Curl - 8x4
    b) Flys - 12x4

4 a) Trap bar squat - 6x4

    b) Single Leg Ham Curl - 6x4

5) Chin-ups - 3 sets until fail for each set


25 crunches

25 baby crunches

25 leg lifts

pipe v-ups until fail

25 side v-ups

1 min plank





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