Smoothie Essentials

Smoothie Essentials

There are some super foods out there that are just perfect for smoothies. They add an extra punch of flavor with tons of health benefits. Walk into any Bulk Barn or health food store and you can pick up all of these things.

You can mix and match depending what health benefits you are looking for.

  1. Spirulina Powder


This powder is made out of green algae, with tons of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, there is a fair amount of protein in every tablespoon. Be careful though, it has a horrible taste so only add a little bit.

2. Maca Powder


This powder is made out of a root from Peru. Packed full of natural caffeine and vitamins, there is actually another benefit it offers. This powder increases sexual desire in both women and men. Surprise! Exciting eh? It also has a decent taste to it as well.

3. Bee Pollen


OKAY PEOPLE! This is so amazing, it is said to contain nearly all of the nutrients required by humans. Read up on it some more, it's amazing.

4. Hemp Hearts


Ahhhhh hemp. So much gossip concerning these hearts. Rich in vitamin E and tons of essential fatty acids.

5. Matcha Powder


Matcha powder is basically green tea concentrate. This stuff is high in natural caffeine to increase awareness and energy. Additionally, it's great for stamina. Maca powder does a similar effect as well. These 2 powders are perfect before a workout.

6. Chia Seeds


Chia seeds have tons of proteins, vitamins, AND minerals. These guys are in everything now a days though, manufacturers love incorporating these guys in every health food. You can add them in smoothies, make a pudding, even bake it in things..

So these are just a few things you can add to your favorite smoothies. Only put a max of 3/6 in your smoothie though, the flavors are sometimes overbearing. Very strong in taste and all packed full of nutrients.

Okay, that's all I've got. Enjoy!

Published by Elyse Brannigan

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