7 Ways to Increase Sender Reputation and Email Deliverability

7 Ways to Increase Sender Reputation and Email Deliverability

Oct 19, 2021, 5:32:43 AM Tech and Science

Email remains an essential means of communication in public relations of every industry. Sender reputation is critical to the success of any campaign when it comes to successful pitching. industries send and receive hundreds and thousands of emails daily. Crucial data is exchanged between various companies and clients every minute. Given how emails are so widely used in various industries, it becomes a frequent space for cyberattacks.

Keeping this in mind, there are various steps that can be taken to boost the reputation of a brand and improve the deliverability of emails. But before that let’s understand what these terms really mean. 

A sender’s reputation demonstrates how trustworthy you are as a sender. The higher your reputation, the higher your delivery rate, and vice versa. Receiving mail servers use powerful spam algorithms to scan all your emails and mark a few as spam if your brand has a poor reputation. A poor reputation leads to loss of customer trust in the brand and a poor brand image among clients. No brand wants that!

So what can you do to avoid being flagged or marked as spam? 

Here are 7 tried and tested methods to improve brand reputation and email deliverability.

1.Implement DKIM, SPF, and DMARC on Your Domain

Authentication of email informs your readers that the email is from a legitimate company or person, not a scammer. As a result, email authentication is required to ensure that your message does not wind up in a spam bin and instead reaches your subscribers' inbox. You can validate your email in a variety of methods as listed below.

SPF or Sender Policy Framework is a protocol that prevents spammers from using your domain. DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail, on the other hand, ensures that no changes are made to the email while it is being sent and received, thus maintaining the sanctity of the sent email. DMARC or Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance works together with DKIM and SPF to ensure that emails that reach your inbox are not spam or phishing attempts.

2.Have a Proper Email Schedule 

Keep in mind that you mustn't spam clients with too many emails, draft a proper mailing schedule and send emails at regular intervals to inform your clients of the most necessary and newest updates. This increases your reputation and enhances your brand image.

3.Maintain a Good Text-to-Image Ratio 

Emails with more pictures than text are flagged by spam filters. Don't allow the form to take precedence over the email message; aim for a 60-70 ratio. Optimize the code while producing HTML emails for newsletters. Keep the font size modest and the CSS style consistent across all layout elements. Remember to utilize interactive designs to make it easier for recipients to read your material on mobile devices, and to remove any multimedia that doesn't render correctly during testing.

4.Monitoring and Mitigation

To improve email deliverability, you must monitor your analytics on a regular basis. Check to see whether your bounce rate is low and your email deliverability rate is adequate. If it isn't, you should take prompt action to identify and resolve the problem as quickly as feasible. Assess what needs to be done and take the necessary measures to protect your company's image.

5.Avoid buying email lists from third party vendors

Purchasing email lists may appear to be the most straightforward approach to contact most individuals. Apart from the many legal ramifications, it may reduce your email deliverability because the emails may not be accepted and there may be fake emails included in the list. This may have a big influence on both your domain and your company's reputation.

  1. Double Opt-In

You must ensure that your email does not wind up in the wrong inbox or with invalid addresses. Double opt-in ensures that you have a high quality contact list and that your email is delivered to the majority of individuals with valid email addresses. This option sends a confirmation email before adding the email address to the contact list.

  1. Avoid Spammy Words in the Email Body

Understanding what causes emails to end up in the spam folder and how to avoid including those elements in your emails is one of the most significant strategies that enhance deliverability. 

A few pointers to keep in mind are:

  • The subject line should be as brief as possible and should not include any offensive language. If you use the wrong subject line for your emails, it may go straight to the spam bin. 
  • Avoid using terms like ‘free’, ‘discount’, ‘percent’, and ‘solution’ in your email body as it might be construed as spam. 
  • Punctuation marks (!?) should be avoided. 
  • Make sure your subject line does not begin with ‘Re:’ or ‘Fwd:’ since this may be mistaken for spam.

There are lots of other ways to build and maintain a strong sender reputation. If you haven’t created SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records in your DNS settings, use EmailAuth’s free tools here. Another way to improve email performance is to optimize your database. However, you will never be able to improve your sender score if you continue to use spammy subject lines or questionable content.

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