Traveling with Viator

Traveling with Viator

When booking for a trip anywhere really, if you’re anything like me, you want to see as much as possible while not completely killing yourself. I booked 3 weeks through Europe, and allotted 3-4 days in each city, which meant that when I arrived, I needed to hit the ground running. Figuring out exactly what to do isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and sometimes NOT booking something is the best part.

While I was trying to figure all of this out I poured over sites that claimed to offer lots of day trips, but none of them were what I was looking for. Until I discovered Viator. Viator is the best site I have come across to book “experiences.” It’s like the AirBnB of tours.

Viator is simple. First, you pick your location, for instance Amsterdam. From there everything is broken down into top picks, or a list of tour options ie biking, day tours, cruises, night tours, food tours, whatever you want, they’ve got. On my Amsterdam trip I chose a wine and cheese cruise, and a day trip to Keukenhof.

Now, this is when Viator really shines. Once you see an activity you might want to do, you can see real reviews, photos and a full description of what will be happening. Not to mention that most of the prices are pretty reasonable. I’ve also used Viator in Lisbon, Barcelona and Prague. Each time everything worked out perfectly. The details provided were dead on, and the people were friendly and knowledgeable.

Next time you decide to travel and need help choosing a fun activity, give Viator a shot, I promise you’ll find something incredible.

Published by Emily Kelly

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