From the Shelves of a Midwestern Book Nerd...The Imposter Queen

From the Shelves of a Midwestern Book Nerd...The Imposter Queen

Sometimes you find that book that you absolutely adore... you know the one. The book that you want to shout about from the rooftops. The book you think that EVERYONE is reading, but turns out very few people actually are. That is where today's recommendation comes from. It was a book I loved, a book that slayed, and a book that is not getting the hype that I feel it deserves.

The book is The Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine. (This book talk was originally posted on my blog, Midwestern Book Nerd. Click here for original posting)

Elli was just a child when the Elders of Kupari selected her to succeed the Valtia, the queen of the country who wields both fire and ice. Fast forward to 16 year old Elli, and the palace life is all that she is used to. She is used to the pampering and luxury of being the one foretold in a prophecy. She has people at her constant beck and call and is tutored by the best to prepare her for the role of Valtia when the time comes.

Suddenly the Valtia dies while defending her country from other invading countries and warriors. It's Elli's turn to take the crown and for the ice and fire magic to enter her. But...that never happens.

Embarassed and disgraced, Elli runs away to the outlands, the home to the criminals that would love nothing more than to see the current system die. Elli finds herself among them and learning to do things she never thought she would need to do (simple chores, etc). While here she discovers new information about the prophecy, information that changes everything. Torn, she must decide which path to choose and who she can and can't take with her. A war looms on the horizon, will she fight it?

This book had all the things that I wanted when I picked it up. It had a plot that was unique, characters I could relate to, and twists and turns that I didn’t necessarily see coming. It had so many things that I loved, and I was drawn in right from the beginning. Here are a few things that I loved about it…

  • Incredibly unique plot. How often is it that you read a book that is all about The Chosen one not being the Chosen one? She was groomed to be the Valtia, just as the prophecy had indicated. She was expecting to do so much for her country and her people. She was adjusted to a very particular lifestyle, and then it all comes crashing down. Suddenly we see Elli adjusting to not being who she thought she was and who she was preparing to be. Now, she has to find who she really is without anyone telling her. This is not at all what I am used to when reading. I am used to reading about someone discovering that they are this chosen person and dealing with the struggles of maintaining that status. For the author to take this opposite approach was, in my opinion, incredibly unique and really set her apart from everyone else.
  • There were some amazing characters. Elli became a fast favorite of mine. She was such a fierce individual. She had strong motivation, determination, and the will to do whatever she could in order to help her people. Her entire world was turned upside down, and even as she struggled with it she rolled with the punches. I absolutely loved her character and the fight in her. And then there was Oskar, another favorite. He was a quiet warrior. He cared for his family and his people above all else. He was capable of so much, but was scared of what could happen if he lived up to what he was. I found it so easy to relate to him and his situation, which make me sympathize and understand him even more. I absolutely loved the story surrounding these characters and how they played out within it.
  • Fantastic world building. This is always something I struggle with. Sometimes I feel like I get so dragged down by the details that I kind of lose the plot. That did not happen in this book. I felt like the details of this world were given out perfectly so that it didn’t drag. I was able to clearly picture this world as the book went on. And as each and every detail came out I was so curious as to how the world and the plot would align. It all flowed so smoothly and effortlessly; I haven't gotten lost in a world like this in a long time. I think it was so beautifully done.

I absolutely adored this book. I loved the pacing, I loved the characters, and I loved how the plot was laid out. It was the book that I needed to kind of break me out of a slight slump. And now I am sitting here, waiting for book two.

Have you read this book?

Published by Emily Nelson

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