To Bookstagram or Not to Bookstagram, That is the Question

To Bookstagram or Not to Bookstagram, That is the Question

Aug 31, 2016, 4:00:00 PM Entertainment

At the beginning of the summer I joined a really cool project called the Book Blogger Creativity Project. Basically this is a project put together to get book bloggers to work together and come up with their own feature to be posted up on their social media accounts. I did this project last year and was so excited to do it this year. After some really great discussion my team decided to do...a bookstagram challenge.

Now, what is a bookstagram...some of you may be asking. Honestly, this is something I was still kind of working out as I went through the challenge all month. To sum it up, bookstagram-ers post pictures of books on Instagram. Now, it's not as simple as that sounds. Their pictures involve lots of creativity. From the lighting to the props and the backdrop, people who participate in bookstagram really take the time to get a quality picture of their books or various book-ish things. It is definitely not as simple as taking a simple picture, and I would highly suggest looking up #bookstagram if you want to see what some people are truly capable of doing. It is amazing.

So, August was the month of the End of Summer Challenge (EOSChallenge). Each day there was a prompt that someone on my team had come up with, and we had to take a picture that represented that prompt. Here is my blog post on Midwestern Book Nerd detailing the challenge before it started.

So...after a month of this bookstagram challenge am I about to move up into to world of bookstagram? To be totally There were some things that I loved about it, and there were some things that I was not so crazy about.

Pros of bookstagram:

  • I really got to think creatively. Some of the prompts involved a lot more thinking, a lot more searching through my books, and some careful placement. It's not that I don't normally access my creativity, it's just been awhile that I have had to think of books in terms like this.
  • I found some long lost loves while searching through books to make a picture happen. And a lot of books that I really should get on reading.
  • I found myself thinking about photography more and what might make a good picture.
  • I got to watch as a challenge that I helped come up with took off, and I got to witness the creativity of various bookstagram-ers as they tackled each and every prompt.
  • I was really opened up to this world on social media that I knew little about. I still don't know a ton about it, but I think I know enough that I could dive deeper if I wanted.
  • I got to drool over the creativity of others. Seriously, so many amazing pictures from so many people. I loved following the hashtag you guys.

Cons of bookstagram:

  • I had a prompt to try to fulfill every single day. I realize that some people do these monthly challenges and don't do each day, but as a host I felt I needed to.
  • I found out that there are certain colors of books that I am really lacking in, which made it more difficult to tackle certain days.
  • I got busy, which means there were a lot of close calls as far as me posting a picture. I had one post that I did late (just this week) and another that I completely missed and never made up for. It just didn't always work for what was going on in my life.
  • I am not that great at photography. I had some ideas and then they wouldn't turn out, and other days I would take so many pictures and just get annoyed and used whichever looked the most ok. Even though I found myself thinking about it and learning more, I still struggled.
  • I lack the patience to make this something that I am seriously good at.

So, in the end...bookstagram is not for me. I will be going back to taking pictures of what I am currently reading and anything else I kind of feel like taking pictures of. But those of you that do bookstagram, more power to you! I think it is awesome and just sadly...not for me. I love the work that you do, and I hope that you keep on!

So, what about you bookstagram? see some of my pictures head on over to my instagram account, @midwesternbooknerd

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