5 Reason why you should consider Kuala Lumpur as you next golf holiday destination

5 Reason why you should consider Kuala Lumpur as you next golf holiday destination

Jun 19, 2018, 4:16:13 PM Sport

1 – The weather.

We all know the weather is a major reason to search for a golf destination which gets us away from the rain and the cold and this is one of the biggest draws of Kuala Lumpur as a destination.

The neighbouring island of Sumatra and the Titiwangsa Mountains to the east provide a natural shield against some of the worst weather in the area, resulting in a tropical climate with temperatures rarely dropping below 23º and seldom rising above 33º.

During the monsoon season, October to March, rainfall is prevalent, but even though downpours are heavy they quickly pass, ensuring that golf can be played throughout the year here.

The driest months are June and July, but with average temperatures around 29º golfers are presented with near perfect playing conditions.

2 – Safety and Security

For tourists, one of the most appealing aspects of Kuala Lumpur must be the relative low crime rate within the largest city in Malaysia. Crime rates are low and the presence of local police is a comfort to travelling tourists.

It is no surprise that police presence is so high considering the huge number of people that flock to the city each year.

Around 8.9 million people choose to visit the city and the vast array of cultural activities is the main reason for this. Couple the cultural history with unbelievable gastronomy, a superb selection of shops, 66 shopping malls in total, relative low cost and you have the recipe for the perfect city holiday.

3 – For a capital city Kuala Lumpur surprisingly offers superb value for money.

Small eateries create an atmosphere that the locals and tourists enjoy and the quality of the food is superb, all for very little cost. It is a great way to sample the delights of Malaysian cuisine and get a feel for the way the locals live.

Travelling through the city is straightforward as Kuala Lumpur has a superb network of roads and superb public transport links take you from the main tourist hubs and out into the more densely populated areas to get a real taste of the local culture and cuisine. Unlike many tourist driven cities public transport is cheap and probably the best way to see the city.

4 – Service and quality

Upon arriving in Malaysia, you will be treated like royalty with the focus on customer service high.

The golf resorts are no different and it is no surprise that there has been an abundance of professional and amateur golf tournaments taking place at the courses across the city, with the PGA, European and Asian tours making regular stops to the best golf courses the city has to offer.

As a visiting golfer to any of the courses you will enter a clubhouse full of staff that are willing to tend to your every need, from the caddies that will help you save some shots on the course to the waiting staff in the bars and restaurants, the service you will receive will be second to none.


5 – The golf courses

Kuala Lumpur has many golf courses which the visiting golfer can enjoy, from the high-end resort style courses designed to meet modern day standards to the more traditional and more established golf courses.

As with all cities there are stand out courses which you must visit, but the quality of all the courses here is superb and you will not leave disappointed after playing any of the great courses that the city has to offer.

Kuala Lumpur is most definitely a golfing mecca and should be visited at least once by a first-time golf tourist or the veteran traveller. It is a city that cannot be missed.

Make sure that you plan ahead, and take the time to see not only the golf courses but the spectacular city itself.



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