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If there is that one country that you should consider a must to visit for the most thrilling adventures then Uganda is one of them. It is truly an adventure seeker’s paradise and this means that visitors on safari in Africa are never left out. If you are interested in the most mind blowing adventures, My Uganda 256 lists the following as the top adrenaline adventures in Uganda;          

White water rafting

For adventure seekers who are in need of unusual experience, white water rafting is amazingly that one adrenalin adventure you have been looking for. While on safari in Uganda, Jinja that one place you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit for this lovely water sport that nature your travel experiences. It is a true capital of adrenaline adventures and white water rafting is the most sought after experiences by most adventure lovers on safari in Uganda. It is conducted along the mighty River Nile and takes visitors through the Grade five rapids and while you enjoy your sport, you will be amazed by the picturesque sceneries in and around the Nile. White water rafting was launched in Uganda in 1996 along the upper part of the mighty River Nile from Bujagali waterfalls. To be part of this life changing adventure, you will be required to put on a life jacket and there are also well trained and experienced guides to take you through this lovely water sport. Note that the cost of this adventure differs from one company to another and most importantly, you can check through their websites for up to date prices. However, the prices range from 145 dollars for an entire day rafting, 145-165 dollars for extreme rafting, $30-$50 for family float trips, half day rafting at $115-125 and 2 days rafting can cost you about 250-255 dollars. These costs usually include a number of things like transport, the actual activity and others.

Bungee jumping

If you are interested in the most breathtaking adventures while on safari in Uganda then consider Bungee jumping a must to include in your travel plan. It is conducted at adrift River base, about three kilometers upstream from Bujagali falls. While most people for the usual adventures, bungee jumping is only for a few true adventure seekers and it one of a few sports that allow you to kiss the water of the mighty River Nile. To participate in this breathtaking adventure, you need $115 for one jump and for three jumps about 165 dollars and only persons about 13 years are allowed.


This another most thrilling adventures that you shouldn’t miss to be part while on safari in Uganda. It takes you through various rapids and sections within the world’s mighty river for you to explore especially to Grade 5 tandem. This adventure is said to be for the brave and you may need 160 dollars.

Boat cruise

Uganda is also perfect for a boat cruise experiences and you can engage in this lovely adventure along the River Nile and it takes you through the shores and some islands with incredible bird species, the Nile monitor lizards and otters or enjoy the Nile sunset cruise. Besides, you can also embark on this amazing water sport while on safari in Murchison Falls National Park which takes you to the base of yet another world’s most powerful waterfall-Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park or Lake Mburo National Park and along the way, don’t miss to catch a glimpse at hippos, crocodiles and many water bird species.

Horseback riding

If you interested in exploring the rural setting of Uganda then this is one of the most exciting sports that you shouldn’t miss in life. With horseback riding tours, you get opportunity to explore the country’s traditional villages and also be amazed by panorama views of its extensive landscape. You can embark on short or long tours and usually it is conducted in the morning and afternoon. You can be part of this adventure while on safari in Jinja which takes you through the adjacent communities around the Nile while enjoying the amazing views of its hilly areas and valleys or while on safari in Lake Mburo National Park which allows you to catch a glimpse at numerous savanna wildlife species.

Sport fishing

If those of you who wish to challenge yourselves, sport fishing is that one water sport that you should consider in your bucket list. You will be amazed to hook out the hugest Nile perch or tilapia, cat fish, yellow fish. This lovely water sport is conducted in Jinja at the River Nile, Murchison Falls National Park and many other areas.

In conclusion, Uganda isn’t just a destination for visitors to catch a glimpse at the mountain gorillas or for wildlife viewing but for adventure seekers to also realize their dreams while on safari in Africa. Others include quad biking, mountain biking, jet boating a mention but a few.



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