Beautiful Places near Barcelona Which Are Worth Visiting

Beautiful Places near Barcelona Which Are Worth Visiting

Aug 5, 2018, 10:32:30 PM Life and Styles

The neighborhood of Barcelona is no less interesting than the capital of Catalonia itself. However, the most popular tourists’ destinations are national nature parks, landscapes of which are unrealistically fascinating. What to see near Barcelona?

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The first park you should go to is Collserola – an ideal place to escape from the urban life of the noisy Barcelona to be closer to nature. Parc de Collserola is a nature park with many hiking and cycling routes and farm restaurants. It is worth taking a map of the routes in the Info Center of the park. Besides, using car rental is very easy to get there- the distance from Barcelona is 10 km.


Vall de Núria

Val de Núria are considered the East Pyrenees and are famous for some unique places. When visiting Val de Nuria, an unforgettable spectacle opens – three hundred mountain peaks surround an oasis of natural perfection. This resort is not in vain called "a secret corner in the east of the Pyrenees Mountains." The air here is clean and crystal, like mountain streams filled with melted glacial water. Only silence and harmony with yourself and nature.


El Torrent de la Cabana

One more creature of nature is El Torrent de la Cabana – exotic mountain lagoons. They are in the same Pyrenees, next to Barcelona, north (about 100 km). The exotics of European mountain places are emphasized by cascades of waterfalls, the cleanest mountain stream with fish, and seven stunning pools with emerald water.


Monastery of St. Miguel

When you take a car at car rental in Barcelona, you may drive to a secluded monastery of St. Miguel of 10th century that is 40 km from Barcelona. For many centuries monks lived in monasteries among mountain lakes, waterfalls, inaccessible rocks and picturesque nature. Here you can see a Romanesque church built inside the rock, a gothic house of the abbot of the monastery, ancient bridges, caves with stalactites and mountain lakes. Not far from this place, there is also a bird center, in which more than 100 representatives of birds live.


Salt Caves and Cardona Castle​

In addition, you can take a very busy and interesting excursion Salt Caves and Cardona Castle. In 100 km from Barcelona, there are unique salt caves. Here you will be told about different varieties of salt and how miners worked in salt mines. You will see unusual salt caves with interesting illumination, which makes them fabulously beautiful. Besides, you will visit the huge fortress of Cardona, famous for being the last fallen fortress before the Bourbon dynasty.


Delta of the Ebro River

The flat, swampy delta of the Ebro River south of Tarragona is a nature reserve and bird paradise. The best way to come here by car and with large binoculars. Even if you are not interested in ornithology, the delta landscapes with dunes are fascinating and look like an unexpected greeting from an entirely different part of the world.

There are many beautiful places both in Barcelona and in its surroundings, but where to go you should choose yourself.

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