Why The Outdoor Activities Of Your Dog Is Important?

Why The Outdoor Activities Of Your Dog Is Important?

Mar 9, 2018, 3:44:15 AM Tech and Science

Outdoor Activities for your dog are an essential part of dogs well-being and happiness. Dogs like any other animals love being outdoors. They will get dull and even a bit cranky if they have to spend too much time indoors. Dog owners sometimes even employ dog walkers to ensure that their buddies get enough exercise. But nothing is more exciting for your dog to engage in activities alongside you. In fact, indulging in such activities would be a great way even for you to get some exercise yourself.

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Before you start

Before you start exploring various outdoor activities with your dog, here are a few points that you need to keep in mind:

  • Your dog should be fit enough to participate in the specific exercise. Consult your vet if in doubt.
  • Ensure that the exercise type and duration is according to your dog’s age and breed. Find out more about your dog’s specific needs on the Kennels Club site.
  • Make sure he listens to your basic commands of stop and fetch.

Things to Carry along

Don’t forget to carry fresh drinking water for the pet. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, since dogs do not have a sweating mechanism like humans they tend to get hot easily.

Having fun outdoors

Now that we have sorted out all preliminaries let’s begin the fun part. Here are listed some outdoor activities that you can choose according to the weather condition, your resources and of course your pooches’ liking.

  1. Walking: This is the best outdoor activity that can be carried in any season. It is ideal for older dogs or dogs who cannot engage in strenuous physical activity. You can go for long walks or short walks depending upon the requirement.
  2. Running/Jogging: You can now run or jog along with your dog and not get your arms sore. Use a hands free leash that you can put around your waist which keeps your arms free for the activity. You can easily buy them online on Amazon. This activity is great for young and energetic dogs.
  3. Swimming: Swimming is ideal for summer months. It is also a good exercise option for dogs that have joints problems.
  4. Hiking: Hiking would be similar to walking but much more strenuous over a not so smooth path. Check out various dog friendly hiking trails on sites like Bringfido and alltrails.
  5. Biking: Biking is a great outdoor option if done at the dog’s pace and with proper attachment gear.
  6. Playing games: You can play games like fetch in dog parks that have proper fencing. It would provide the dual benefit of exercise and entertainment.

Rest and Recover

Once you are back from the outdoors give time to your dog to relax.

  • Give a gentle massage to your furry friend. This would also be a good way to check for any dirt or even ticks that the dog might have got from outside.
  • If you have come back from swimming then this would be the right time to give your dog a shower to rinse off chemicals.

Outdoor activities not only help to increase stamina and endurance levels of your dogs they are also a great way to bond with them and keep them engaged positively and constructively. It would also mean less chewing of your favorite sneakers by your furry friend.

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