How To Slay Your Look and Show Your Personality Through it

How To Slay Your Look and Show Your Personality Through it

Oct 5, 2021, 3:30:32 PM Life and Styles

The maxi skirt, with its long length and flattering fit, has been around for decades. From flowy and flowery to straight with a slit, this long skirt can match any fashion or personality.

These fashionable skirts are not only an article of clothing, but they’re also a great way to help women make a statement and show their personality through their style.

Their versatility and simple designs make this skirt a must-have for all.

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The History of the Maxi Skirt

Skirts have been popular for many decades, making the most notable change in the 1920s when the famous, fashionable, and French designer Coco Chanel raised the standard ankle-length skirt up a few inches below the knee and made it fit a little wider, giving it a bit of a flare.

This style was quickly acquired by women all over the world, and other designers started to follow suit in order to stay in the game and keep up with the demand.

Over the next few decades, popular skirt styles frequently fluctuated, going back to the longer look, then quickly going short again.

The maxi skirt was less popular after the mini skirt was introduced and didn’t really take flight again until the ’60s during the “hippie movement”.

But even then, it wasn’t as prevalent as in the past. Skirts actually fell off the radar for quite some time.

The skirt made a quick comeback around the 1990s with fresh, trendy designs and new materials.

However, the maxi skirt was also slowly re-emerging with a flare of its own.

Today, the maxi skirt is still in style; it’s full of colorful prints, designs, and ways to be worn.

Are Maxi Dresses Still in Style?

Because the maxi dresses come in various designs and looks, they will probably never go out of style.

This year you will still frequently see celebrities like Jessica Alba and Jordana Brewster flaunting their fashionable high-end maxi dresses created by Dolce and Gabbana and Rebecca Taylor.

However, it isn’t only the rich and famous who are able to feel flawless in these comfy dresses.

More affordable versions of this never-aging style can be found almost anywhere, from online shopping to brick-and-mortar stores.

What Shoes Do You Wear with a Maxi Skirt?

Maxi skirts go great with a wide range of shoes. However, it is essential that the shoe fit the color and print of the skirt and go well with the occasion. You never want to be seen wearing flip-flops at a wedding.

Wedge Sandals

Wearing a nice, solid-color sandal with a floral maxi skirt is a great look for a family reunion, or even as a wedding guest.

Wearing a wedge with a long-length skirt is a great way to rock a high wedge without looking out of place.

Flip Flops/Flat Sandals

The flat sandals, or flip-flops, are a popular choice for women wearing a maxi skirt.

The sandals are easy to throw on, and because they are barely seen, they don’t make or break the outfit.

Flat sandals are also a great option for a maxi skirt because there are so many different types; it wouldn’t be hard to find something to match any style.

Lastly, wearing a flat sandal is one of the most comfortable shoes you can put on.

A pair of flat sandals, combined with the comfort of a maxi skirt, will have you ready for a nice day without sweating, chafing legs, or sore feet.

Low Heel

A low heel is another favorite for women who enjoy wearing maxi skirts on the go.

Wearing a small heel gives you a professional or chic look while still maintaining comfort and ease.


Yes, you heard us right, sneakers. Pairing your long maxi skirt with a comfy tennis shoe or high-top sneaker can be a bold fashion statement.

And … why not? We have seen many articles saying sneakers with maxi skirts are a no-no, but we don’t agree, and neither does Kendall Jenner nor Emily Ratajkowski.

Best Seasons for Wearing a Maxi Skirt

Many women wonder what season they should wear a maxi skirt.

The answer: every season, of course.

One of the best qualities of the maxi skirt is it can pair so easily with other clothing items, allowing you to wear it all year round.

What Do You Wear with a Maxi Skirt?

The real question is, what can’t you wear with a maxi skirt?

This item is so versatile it can go with just about any style or theme. You can wear them for a comfy day lounging around the house or dressed your best when heading to the office or on a first date.

Some of the most popular items to pair with your maxi skirt are a cute blouse, a trendy denim jacket, a sleek leather jacket, a button-up cardigan, a cropped jacket, your favorite graphic t-shirt, a plain white t-shirt, a tank top, a sweatshirt or hoodie, a flowy top, a cami, and a lacey top.

All of these items are a perfect match for the maxi skirt, but they’re definitely not the only matches. Find what you like, and you can make it work.

Conclusion: Are Maxi Skirts Still in Style?

We believe it is safe to say that maxi skirts are definitely still in style.

From the red carpet to your small hometown, women are wearing these skirts all over the world.

They don’t seem like they will be fading in popularity any time soon.


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