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I’m doing something a bit different today! I saw this idea on Sanne’s (booksandquills on Youtube) channel, and I got inspired! Basically, you select a group of characters you think would fit into your your friend group #squad. Full credit to Sanne for coming up with all the suggested personality types I have listed below! I think mine turned out to be a pretty well-rounded (and kickass) crew. 

I also love this idea because you could literally make up whatever kind of squad you want, and of course I’m always up for a little character analysis!

The fictional bookish girl squad consists of:

  1. Someone who will force you to go out when you want to stay in
  2. Someone who will have your back
  3. Someone who will help you move
  4. Someone who you can share your problems with, a listening ear
  5. Someone to gossip with
  6. Someone to go on holiday with
  7. Someone to hang out with quietly

I’m pretty proud of my list! Although now I’m also sad that it’s fictional and none of these people are real. *sobs*

I’m also taking this opportunity to showcase some great character art! Click the images to be taken to each artists’ website!

1. Someone who will force you to go out when you want to stay in

~~~ Alaska Young ~~~

Looking for Alaska


Image from @Helena Soto (click image to visit artist’s instagram)

Alaska inspires Pudge to do things outside of his comfort zone, and that’s just the kind of friend I usually need poke me until I agree to go out when I (oh so often) just want to stay in. Friends like that are important. If you’re not an introvert, and you push your introvert friends to come out and have fun, know that we appreciate it, no matter how much it seems otherwise in the moment!

2. Someone who will have your back

~~~ Lila Bard ~~~

Shades of Magic


Image from @Victoria Ying (click image to visit artist’s instagram)

Lila doesn’t have a lot of people in her life that she cares about, but that only means that the few who she does care for get that much more love. She may not be known for her loyalty, but I get the feeling that if you did manage to earn it, it would be fierce and lasting. Plus, with all those knives, if she had my back it would be safe as houses.

3. Someone who will help you move

~~~ Celia Bowen ~~~

The Night Circus


Image from @tulanoodle (click image to visit artist’s tumblr)

Maybe this is a bit of a long shot, because it’s been forever since I read The Night Circus, but I figure Celia moves around a lot what with her dad traveling for work and then later she travels with Le Cirque des Rêves. Or, you know, she could just use her magic to pack and move all my stuff and then we could grab pizza and probably go see a show with all the time we’d have left over.

4. Someone who you can share your problems with, a listening ear

~~~ Tessa Gray ~~~

The Infernal Devices


Image from @herondair (I think – blog is inactive, no click through link on image)

I always found Tessa to be a very empathetic character and she also often acts as a voice of reason often in TID, so I feel like she would be a good listener. Also, this would pretty much be my role in the group, and I think if I were to pick any of these characters, she’s the one I’m most like, so it makes sense!

5. Someone to gossip with:

~~~ Jordan Baker ~~~

The Great Gatsby


Image from @jeixonx (click image to visit artist’s deviantart)

I’m not much of a gossiper, but if I had to pick one for a friend, it’d be Jordan Baker. I’ve always loved her as a character. She’s complex, and she’s dishonest (who isn’t in Gatsby, though?), but I think she’s grounded enough that she’s able to see the problems with the world she lives in, which manifests in her cynicism. Plus it seems like she knows everyone, so she’d probably know all the juicy stuff!

6. Someone to go on holiday with

~~~ Blue Sargent ~~~

The Raven Cycle


Image from @dasstark (click image to visit artist’s tumblr)

Blue is the ideal travel buddy. She’d want to go see all the things that I would when on a holiday, and her curiosity and desire to help people would probably make for a really fulfilling travel experience!

What do I do?” Blue asked cannily. “What have you guys seen me doing?
Traveling,” Maura replied. “Changing the world.
Trees in your eyes,” Calla added more gently than usual. “Stars in your heart.”

7. Someone to hang out with quietly

~~~ Hermione Granger ~~~

Harry Potter


Image from @lilabeanz (click image to visit artist’s tumblr)

My ideal hangout with Hermione would be the two of us sitting in a cozy room with lots of blankets and fluffy pillows and tea, with both of us reading our own books, and every once in a while looking up to read out quotes to each other. People who can read their book while you read your book in the same room are my favourite kind of people.

And that’s my squad! I quite like how it turned out. Now I’m just sad that it’s not real though – oh well; the downsides of all your faves being fictional I guess. It’s funny though - doing this has made my try to consider which of my real friends would fit into these roles, and I think I’ve actually got a pretty well balanced group going on!

What do you think of my squad? Also, anyone who wants to keep this going should feel free to! I’d be interested to see if any of you end up making a different kind of squad – if so, let me know!

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