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I saw this post floating around the booklr-sphere the other day, and thought I’d tag along on an awesome idea! This tag was created from an ask that the lovely trinareadsbooks received, whose answers you should definitely check out; just clink the link above!

Basically, you pick two books that could swap covers (sans title/author) but still stay true to the theme of the book. Let’s get right to it!

~~~ All My Puny Sorrows & Us Conductors ~~~

Miriam Toews / Sean Michaels


Canadian books with musical protagonists, anybody? I love both of these stories (even though I’m only halfway through Us Conductors) – they’re both incredibly lyrical and well-written, and very honest books. Technically, the musician in AMPS is a pianist, but her sister makes a comment at some point in the book about how important her hands are to her (because she plays the piano, yes Emma, that probably didn’t need to be explained) so I think the swap still fits.

~~~ Northern Lights & Aurorarama ~~~

Philip Pullman / Jean-Christophe Valtat


Although I haven’t read either of these books *coughs loudly to distract you from my shame* I’m familiar enough with the plots to know that these covers would swap quite nicely. Northern Lights, or as it’s alternatively called, The Golden Compass, takes place in a city in the far north, and so does Aurorarama. And both are what I would consider fantasy! + There are polar bears!

~~~ The Snow Child & The Wolf Wilder ~~~

Eowyn Ivey / Katherine Rundell


Foxes, wolves, they’re kind of the same thing…Point is, both of these books feature little (feral) girls accompanied by woodland creatures in the snow. And they’re both stunning covers, okay? Enough said.

This is actually a lot harder than you might think! Can you think of any cover swaps off the top of your head? 

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