The Power of Fruit - Smoothie Ice lollies

The Power of Fruit - Smoothie Ice lollies

Originally posted on my blog but I wanted to share it with you all too...

Smoothies don’t only taste great but are a fantastic way to build up your 5 a day (great news for the 2/3rds of us don’t eat enough fruit and veg in our daily lives).
Fruit provides an excellent source of victims, minerals, and anti-oxidants, all helping you  keep yourself happy and healthy.
For example fruit contains:

  1. Fibre – important to help maintain healthy gut
  2. Potassium – helps maintain blood pressure and muscle function
  3. Vitamin C – increases iron absorption, supports immune system and helps reduce tiredness/fatigue.
  4. Vitamin E – helps protect cells from oxidative stress

Fruits also have been proven to help reduce the risk of disease and some cancers.

If you don’t have time to make your own and are looking for a pre made smoothie Innocent Smoothies are a great choice. With a 250ml serving containing 2 of your 5 a day and with no artificial ingredients added, just simply 100% fruit/veg, they really do live up to their name. Also only 1/3rd of us are said to be getting the UK recommendation of 18g of fibre a day; well because smoothies contain whole crushed fruit, they’re a good source of fibre too (2–4g  of fibre per serving in most flavours).

*(Although the sugar content is something to bare in mind, as it is coming from natural sources as long as your not drinking pints a day there’s nothing to worry about!)

Innocent smoothies come in a wide range of flavours, (32 different fruits are used!), ranging from pure fruit based ones to ones also containing vegetables.

However despite the wide variety, being apart of a set meal plan, drinking them everyday became a bit boring! So inspired by the summer I decided to freeze them to turn them into a 100% guilt free ice lolly snack. Very simple to do but very effective!

For Lollies I would personally recommend choosing the fruit options, although be experimental, the others work too!


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