I Did Not Sign Up For This: Confessions of a Braid Virgin

I Did Not Sign Up For This: Confessions of a Braid Virgin

Hello all! As I have never had my hair braided and I thought I would share my experiences with this new and exciting endeavour as I’m sure it will lead to some interesting scenarios. Bellow is my first instalment. Hope you enjoy it!  


Day 1:

Oh man. I haven’t sat still for 5 hours straight since I was a child! Like, a young child. Even then it was a time and a half to keep me from moving for that long. But I did it. I sat in my hairdresser’s chair for 5 hours having my hair braided in to beautiful long grey tresses. It was hard, I’m not going to lie. It hurt at times. Her magical fingers were something to be feared. Luckily I had my reading material of the week to keep me company. Courtney Robertson’s wit and hilarity in I’m Not Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality TV Villain did a fabulous job of distracting me from the scalp pulling.

Fast forward a few hours. My hair was down to there. I was flipping and twirling it all over the place. I was feeling fabulous. My hair has never been that long and I was loving it. That is until the headache settled in. It’s so heavy! No one ever told me how heavy these braids would be! And they’re so tight! The pulling made me feel like my eyebrows were in a perpetual surprised expression. 

All I could think was “what have I done?” or “there’s too much hair to handle” and “how am I going to last 2-3 months with this on my head when I don’t even think I will make it to the end of the day?!” 

That night, my head was pounding, I was having trouble maneuvering around the long tresses, and things like eating and brushing my teeth were now much harder. I had had it with my day and I was calling it quits. It was bed time. Or as I decided to call it find-a-way-to-lie-down-that-won’t-hurt-my-head-in-the-hopes-that-I-can-fall-asleep. 

Here’s to hoping tomorrow goes better. 






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