I Did Not Sign Up For This: Confessions of a Braid Virgin Pt2

I Did Not Sign Up For This: Confessions of a Braid Virgin Pt2

Day 2: 

   So last night I woke up several times in pain. The braids would move around and pull at my scalp as I tossed and turned. I woke up in the morning to get ready for work after a restless night. Let me just say, that was the longest it’s ever taken me to get ready. The braids were everywhere and eat was infuriating. 

   Whatever, I made it to work, on time I may add, and to be honest I was loving the aesthetics of the braids and so were my coworkers. I was getting compliments left right and centre. Clients came in to the store and my hair was a great conversation starter. At this point, I was feeling good about my hair. 

  Just kidding, I spoke way too soon. By 1pm I had a pounding headache again. I was getting cranky from the added weight and the heat was excruciating. I kept complaining and saying I wasn’t going to make it to the end of the week. The ladies at the store were super supportive and encouraging. I was feeling hopeful. 

  That night, I got home and was cranky. My head was crying. From my scalp and eyes. I was on edge and snappy with just about everyone that spoke to me. I was not a fan of my edge. The compliments and the fabulous effect of the long braids wasn’t quite enough for me. 

  To add the cherry on top, I pulled a muscle in my neck! The weight was too much! Like literally too much for my neck to handle. The pain in my neck was brutal. I spent my night lying on my couch with a special pillow to hold up my hair. No, not my head, my hair.

   I admire all the strong individuals who have been able to wear their extensions and not complain ever time they moved their head. They are the real heroes. 



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