5 Things That Need to Be Considered Before Moving

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5 Things That Need to Be Considered Before Moving

May 29, 2017, 3:30:21 PM Life and Styles

Are you excited for your move? Can’t you wait to pack up all of your things and start a new life in your new home? Well, before you get all crazy about the move, stop for a second and gather your thoughts. There are some things that need to be done first. Packing your things and moving them to a new place isn’t enough, so make sure you are down to earth.

Switch your utilities

Switching your utilities to a new address seems like a logical thing to do, but due to all the hype and moving you might forget to do it. There is nothing worse than finally moving all of your belongings to a new place only to realise that there is no power, because you forgot to transfer your utilities. It’s all about the timing, so as soon as your closing date approaches, call all the utility companies and let them know your utilities need to be switched. This is even more important if you are moving into a newly built or previously vacant home.

Prevent injuries

Moving is emotionally difficult, but your emotions are not the only thing that could be hurt. Since this whole process is stressful, your head might get overwhelmed and you might forget to think about safety. Limit the weight of each moving box to 50 pounds and don’t over-pack just because you want to get over with it fast. Also, inspect the property for any trip hazards and other dangers that could hurt you or your family.













Smart packing

Moving in itself is expensive and you don’t want some unexpected expenses just because you didn’t take good care of your valuables. Pack smartly; use blankets and packing materials to secure the load and move everything safely. Also, you can rely on professionals to pack and store your things in case you are not sure how to safely do it yourself. I had a very pleasant experience with the experts from mobile storage Brisbane because they were helpful and they could store some excess furniture for some time until I have settled my new home. By hiring professionals, you will significantly lower the unnecessary costs and all of your things will be packed properly without getting any nicks and dents.

Think about your kids

No matter how far the new home is, the move will be difficult for your kids; both physically and emotionally. They can help you with moving some minor boxes or items, but don’t pressure them too much. The new home won’t be childproof until everything is settled. Often, there are some exposed outlets and wires, dangerous items such as knives, scissors, box cutters, etc. and unsecured breakables. The best option is hiring a babysitter or asking your friends and family to take care of them until the new home is safe enough for them to be present. They are your most precious cargo, so take good care of them.












Beware of scammers

Hiring a moving company is beneficial, because you don’t have to do everything yourself and waste time and money. However, there are plenty of shady moving companies whose only aim is to take your money and not to deliver your belongings safe and sound. Trust your guts and do a little homework before hiring. Read online reviews, ask around for references and always ask for insurance certificates and licensing.

It’s true that moving is exciting, but it brings a great deal of stress to all of us. That’s why it is essential to consider all the aspects and things that need to be organised before you even start. 

Published by Emma Lawson


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