Best Decorative Solutions for a Low Ceiling


Best Decorative Solutions for a Low Ceiling

Aug 14, 2017, 11:55:47 AM Life and Styles

Modern apartments and houses typically feature low ceilings that often make a living space seem much smaller and crowded. To avoid feeling cramped in your own home, you should try to create an illusion of height by introducing some of the most stylish and effective decorative solutions for low ceilings. Not only will your living space feel much more open, spacious and comfortable, but you’ll also elevate your home décor.

Proportionally-sized furniture

You’ve spent hours searching for a perfect furniture set that will fit your general style only to realise that the pieces are simply too big for your space. What you shouldn’t do is squeeze them into your room anyway because they will only make your ceiling seem even lower and create an atmosphere of crowdedness. Instead, you should pick low-profile furniture because this will create an illusion of height. Since there will be plenty of space between your furniture and the ceiling, your room will seem much more open.

Appropriate lighting solutions

When choosing lighting fixtures, you shouldn’t focus just on the aesthetic appeal of their design – there’s no doubt that an elegant chandelier would create an ambiance of glamour, but it simply isn’t appropriate for a low ceiling. Instead, focus on simple, understated yet elegant lighting fixtures, such as downlights, wall sconces and smaller lamps. For example, lighting stores in Sydney offer a range of stylish options that can fit various interior design styles. Thus, you should visit the stores in your area and take a look at their collections.

Stylish striped design

Vertical stripes are a perfect design for living spaces with low ceilings because they will help you create an illusion of height by drawing your gaze upwards. In addition, a striped design will certainly elevate your home décor and add character to your space. You have plenty of different options and you just need to pick one that is to your liking and that fits the general style of your décor. A stylish striped accent wall will make for a stunning focal point, while removable wallpapers are a great temporary solution if you’re not a fan of stripes. You can even paint them yourself and experiment with different designs. However, if you don’t want to have striped walls, you can try using this design for your furniture – another great idea that will create an authentic ambience.

High drapes

The placement of your drapes can also help you make your ceiling seem higher. What you need to do is place them closer to the ceiling line, which will create an illusion of height. Such a high placement of drapes will draw your gaze up just like a striped design. Think outside the box and be creative when hanging your drapes – you can place floor-to-ceiling drapes behind your bed to make a vertical and stylish décor statement.

Neutral colour scheme

You can completely transform your living space by simply applying a fresh coat of paint. However, you need to be careful when choosing your colour palette because different hues will have different effects on your space. For example, if your ceiling has crown moulding or you’re planning to install one, you should choose a design coloured in a similar hue like the ceiling and that isn’t too wide. Otherwise, you will draw a sharp contrast between the moulding and the ceiling, which will just make it seem even lower.

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your walls and ceilings, you should pick the same hues if you have flat ceilings to erase the boundaries between the two. Another great solution is choosing white for your ceilings because they will reflect light and make your space seem more open and airy.

Low ceilings may create an ambiance of crowdedness, but if you avoid using dark colours, over-sized furniture or chandeliers and pendant lights, you’ll create an illusion of height and make your space much more enjoyable.


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