Boardroom Design Trends for 2018


Boardroom Design Trends for 2018

May 15, 2018, 8:40:36 AM Life and Styles

These days, boardrooms or conference rooms make the most important part of one’s office space. Team meetings and brainstorming have proven to be a truly powerful tool when it comes to boosting the team’s and brand’s productivity and engagement. This is precisely why boardrooms shouldn’t look plain or boring. Quite the contrary, this is the space to come up with the best possible ideas or even a place to relax and talk to your colleagues without pressure. So, the need to redesign this particular office space has become bigger than ever. What can you do to make the boardroom in your office more productive and pleasant?

Add the nature feel

A lot of offices around the world are starting to incorporate the biophilic design into their boardroom environment, precisely because the vibe and feel of the natural world is known to inspire, de-stress and encourage productivity. Of course, you don’t have to go full-on biophilic design if that’s not something that you think would suit your particular conference room. However, nature-inspired design elements together with live plants strategically placed around the room will definitely make wonders for the overall team focus, positive energy and brainstorming abilities.

The science of colors

Whenever you see a boardroom on TV, you’re usually faced with a cold and plain space that probably features gray and white colors. Of course, white is a nice color to use in such a space as it evokes the feelings of safety and cleanliness. However, you may want to think about pops of brighter colors as there’s a lot more to the psychological influence of colors than you may think. For example, blue evokes the feelings of trust and confidence; red is associated with strength and determination; yellow with energy and happiness; green with growth and balance; orange with joy; and purple with power and ambition.

Effective and collaborative furniture

Millennials are all about integration, and when it comes to the design of your office boardroom, it’s important that nobody feels isolated. These days you have plenty of furniture options to choose from when it comes to better team collaboration. Luckily, this is not an overly challenging task when design is concerned. For example, a multipurpose rectangular flip top table can be a great way to start as long as you think the overall layout through, considering the number of your team members. The key thing here is that the furniture (especially tables) are arranged properly so that the feeling of togetherness and team spirit is reinforced. What’s more, make sure that the chairs are optimally designed for the adequate comfort during the meetings.

Don’t neglect the technological aspect of it all

Like it or not, we live in a digital era. This also calls for some changes in the boardroom. For starters, an integration of technology in the office space has become a must. Video conferencing units, TV monitors, projectors, etc. all need their respective place in a conference room as well as a proper update to keep up with the current technologies. In case you’re somewhat of a tech fan, you also have the freedom to explore the option of having technology integrated with the furniture, not to mention that you can easily have all the wires removed from the room and opt for the wireless, mess-free and elegant space.

A homey, casual approach

Some companies have decided to fully adopt this office design trend, but the great thing about it is that it can be easily adjusted to your own needs, and paired with other design trends on this list. Essentially, the goal is to move away from the traditional, almost sterile office environment and move closer to the relaxing and cozy environment people have at home. Obviously, it’s important not to go overboard with the coziness as it can backfire and reduce productivity. However, when executed properly, the mix of homey elements with the flexibility and functionality of the office ones can act as a powerful productivity boost.

Want to make a positive change for your company and team? Then by all means see what can be done with your office design, especially when it comes to the boardrooms. It may seem incredible, but such a makeover can result in a skyrocketing business success as well.


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