Building Construction Process: Top 5 Tips for Increased Productivity


Building Construction Process: Top 5 Tips for Increased Productivity

Feb 13, 2019, 4:19:59 PM Life and Styles

Improving productivity in the construction process gets the job done in a shorter time-span, cuts down the costs and makes the end result more impressive. In most industries, this would be achieved through employee incentives and training programs, now while these do work, you need to understand that in the construction industry this isn’t as simple. There are physical limitations to how long it takes to mix, pour and set in concrete and a similar thing happens with a lot of other materials and processes. This means that a boost in productivity isn’t necessarily something that speeds up the process. Instead, it can save resources, require less effort or improve the safety in your workplace.

Keeping an active communication channel

The first thing you have to do in order to increase your productivity is to keep your communication channels open and active. Nowadays, every single construction worker has a smartphone on them and it probably won’t be long until numerous wearables like smartwatches also become an industry standard. With so many collaboration tools and management software, apps and cloud-based services, it will be incredibly easy to use these digital tools to keep your entire construction crew onboard. Just keep in mind that underestimating good old face-to-face communication is never a good idea.

Update your inventory

Depending on the nature of the project that you work on, you will need supplies and materials to keep up the workflow and there’s nothing more absurd than facing a downtime because you no longer have enough materials. In most industries, the decline in productivity consists of a scenario where you lack focus, motivation or tools to work. Here, you have them all, which is why your inability to work due to a shortage of supplies may feel even worse. This results in unnecessary delays, at the end of which you might no longer be as ready or as motivated for work.

This is particularly important in the construction industry. Particularly since it’s so easy to avoid nowadays. Namely, you can get all the materials via online suppliers and get a better price for them, at the same time. For instance, instead of being limited to suppliers in your own vicinity, you get to order concrete online, thus ensuring a more favorable deal.

Take regular breaks

Namely, taking breaks is a piece of advice that sounds completely intuitive and logical, yet, you would be surprised at how often it gets ignored. When they face a deadline, a lot of people start skipping breaks in order to get more work done. The problem lies in the fact that, as they get mentally and physically exhausted, their productivity sharply drops. The first two hours of work are so much more productive than the last two hours, which is why you need to avoid lengthy work sessions and give yourself some time to recuperate. Also, in the construction business, once the focus drops, the probability of an accident drastically increases.

Training is crucial

Using efficient work methods is something that makes all the difference in the world. Nonetheless, chances that you, as a layman will simply stumble upon these methods are next to nothing. This is why you need to be careful during your training and learn how to transfer this knowledge onto others. Nowadays, you don’t really have to find a mentor within your organization but can achieve quite a bit, even on your own. Online courses have many advantages, while there are also numerous free resources online that you could exploit in order to get what you need. All in all, when someone is trying to show you something new, you need to listen.

Careful employee monitoring

Just because someone arrives on time and walks around the construction site it doesn’t mean that they’re actually, or actively, working. After all, according to Price’s law of productivity, a small number of your workers are actually doing the bulk of work. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the case just in offices and is something that could happen in the construction site, as well. So, how can you tell who’s working and who’s not? The most reliable way is to trust your foreman.


The reason why these five items made this list (instead of some other techniques) lies in the fact that these methods don’t really have a downside. Keeping your inventory well-stocked, your team well-trained and your work time well-organized is always a plus. In other words, these are scenarios in which you won’t have to make compromises in order to boost productivity.


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