Commercial Property Exterior Maintenance - Top 5 Tips

Commercial Property Exterior

Commercial Property Exterior Maintenance - Top 5 Tips

Aug 27, 2017, 4:01:35 PM Business

It is not uncommon that other people make a judgement about us based on our appearance. And they usually need a few seconds to form an opinion that can last for a long time. When it comes to commercial property, pretty much the same applies. Potential tenants can base their decision on the first impression. In other words, the exterior look of commercial premises can determine whether or not they will sign a lease. The following list contains some of the most effective commercial property maintenance tips for owners and managers to consider.   

Professional signage

For potential tenants, bent, rusted and faded building signage is the tell-tale sign that the building interior has suffered the same fate. Make sure the address sign and building number are visible from the street, preferably from a passing car, as well. If one part of the premises is designed as a storage facility or a loading zone, check that pedestrian walkways are clearly marked. According to the local law, install “No Smoking” signs near critical areas, especially where flammable materials are stored.

Landscaping bits

Unless your commercial premises are located in an area with heavy precipitation, the lawns will require daily watering. It is no secret that grassy surfaces need to be fertilized in late spring and once again in late summer. The best time to aerate your lawn is during the growing season, when the grass can heal and fill up the areas where soil plugs are removed. Bare patches that might have appeared during the dormant period are best seeded in early spring, too. Hire a professional to prune the trees and shrubs. Pruning not only makes them visually appealing but also improves their growth.

Appealing parking lot

If you are lucky to lease a building in a warm region, we’ll skip the tiresome part with removing snow and ice. A well-maintained parking lot needs to be free of trash and debris such as dry leaves and twigs. Stormwater and eroded soil can create potholes and cracks that are not only a visual problem but also a trip hazard. Apply sealcoating to the concrete surfaces every two to five years and inspect regularly for chipped of fading paint.

Functional lighting

As with residential property, it is not uncommon for the interested party to survey the commercial premises in the evening to check the lighting layout. As the owner or manager, you should make sure that all burned-out lights are promptly replaced. In many cases, it is not the actual light that is an issue but rather a defective switch or transformer. Lighting cables need to be secured and marked accordingly. Adequate lighting is most important in parking lots and walkways as those areas are most frequented by visitors.

Clean windows and roof

The condition of a roof can say a lot about the overall shape of the space. There is not a single reason why those shingles and tiles are still missing. Hire roofers to replace any rusty elements or leaky drains. Damaged roof trim can accumulate debris that can cause further deterioration. Translucent light panels and skylights, can become discoloured over time with lichens and air pollutants. Washing them with power hose can instantly brighten up the interior, while giving the exterior of the building a more maintained look. Specialized companies like Synergy Scaffolding & Access Services offer different scaffolding options for hire that are perfect for windows and roof maintenance. 

Failing to maintain your commercial property can mean losing an opportunity to secure tenants. Aside from that, a regularly maintained property can keep its value for years to come. That is the reason why commercial property owners and managers need to pay attention to the exterior as much they pay to the interior of the premises. 

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