Design Your Kitchen from Scratch

Design Your Kitchen from Scratch

Design Your Kitchen from Scratch

Apr 26, 2017, 4:32:20 PM Life and Styles

Design Your Kitchen from Scratch


Moving into your own house means you can finally do things your way! And while most people focus on the living room and bedroom decorations, others turn their attention to the kitchen. Even though it’s usually among the smallest rooms of the house, it’s just as vital. Additionally, with a constantly rising popularity of cooking shows, more and more people start experimenting with their food. They discover new recipes, try new ingredients and sample new tastes, but all of this requires a big kitchen. So, in order to have enough space for all their cooking needs, some of them design and organize their own kitchen in accordance with their needs. If you’re in the process of doing the same, here are a few pointers that might come in handy when designing your kitchen from scratch.


Check the Size

Although a big kitchen looks nice on TV – just remember the one featured in The O.C. as a part of the Cohens’ residence! – this isn’t always the case. A small kitchen leaves you with no maneuvering space, but too much space isn’t good either unless you want to run around the kitchen all day long, trying to remember where your spices, utensils, and pans are. That’s why determining the right size is the first step towards a perfect kitchen and something you should do before anything else.


Cooking and/or Dining?


Another great thing about being your own decorator is determining whether you want a dining room adjacent to your kitchen or not. It might work for some people who like cooking and eating at the same place, but others prefer separating these two areas. You can design a nice dining area even if you lack space, as long as you know the number of individuals you’d like to accommodate. You can always choose great timber doors to divide two rooms and create a modern looking dining room.


Proper Appliances

For some people, an empty, unequipped kitchen is a nightmare, while for others it may be a creative Paradise to equip and design their kitchen from scratch. They’ll have a chance to choose their own appliances and design their cabinets, arranging everything to suit them the most. Among the things you need to focus on are the kitchen island – it usually has two purposes and serves as a great working space and a fantastic storage area you can use for certain kinds of food and a number of utensils. In addition, you can determine the arrangement of your appliances – from stoves and ovens to fridges and freezers. And the best thing is that, if you plan everything perfectly, you’ll still have room for a dishwasher, a washing machine, and even a dryer!


Save Space


Again, small kitchens don’t have enough space for you to move around, so you’ll always be confined to one cooking position, while your utensils and appliances will be crammed on top of one another. Nevertheless, no matter how small your kitchen is, you can always make enough room for everything if you plan ahead and begin with a practical layout. Once you find a way to accommodate everything you need, you can start acting like an interior designer and decorate the kitchen, making it lovelier than it’s ever been. Only this way will you end up with a spacious and enjoyable area.


Make It Cozier

If you wish to take things to the next level, work on the style of your kitchen and make it cozier. It’s true that most cooking fans already consider their kitchen to be the most welcoming spot of the entire home, but it’s not what everyone thinks. Luckily, getting to this level doesn’t require too much hard work and only a few selected decorations will do the trick. For instance, unusual choices like high-quality floor rugs that are warm and colorful might impress your guests. On the other hand, you can go with some homemade decorations designed by your kids, or even display your own childhood memorabilia. It’ll create a more pleasant environment and give you a peace of mind, which will definitely have a positive effect on your cooking adventures.


Shine the Light!

Another vital element of a great kitchen is lighting. There are lots of efficient ways to achieve it, so you can choose the idea that goes well with your kitchen style. First of all, make sure it has as much natural light as possible – keep your windows clean at all times and open them whenever you can – but illuminate different areas of the kitchen as well. Countertops should be properly lit, particularly when you’re preparing food, while the area around your stove needs light as well – unless you prefer your food a bit burnt, of course. 

Final Considerations

Designing your own kitchen requires proper knowledge – you can’t expect someone with zero experience in cooking or design to make good choices – and you need to follow interior design trends to see what’s popular this season. Moreover, find space for your jars and utensils, consider the fixtures and find the best sink and faucet you can afford. In the end, don’t forget another important thing: if you enjoy your time in the kitchen, you’ll be a happy cook, which is something your family will surely notice after just a meal or two!


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