Home Maintenance Essentials - 5 Most Effective Tips


Home Maintenance Essentials - 5 Most Effective Tips

Oct 19, 2017, 12:26:18 PM Life and Styles

Most of the time, we manage to keep our homes relatively clean and tidy. However, there are also bigger maintenance tasks that don’t just fall under the category of everyday, or even weekly cleaning and maintenance. They are sometimes easy to overlook, but that doesn’t mean they’re not absolutely necessary. Some of these tasks you can do yourself, and others require professional help. Because they can be hard to keep track of, here is a handy guide to the most essential maintenance jobs around the house.

Clean the A/C

The air conditioning system is definitely an essential feature of any home. Whether you use it for cooling or heating, or both, you probably use it quite a lot. However, a surprising number of people forget about A/C maintenance, or do it far too rarely. The first reason why your A/C system should be checked out at least once a year is hygiene. A/C filters can become a veritable breeding ground for bacteria, yeasts and mold. Just think about it, all of the air in your house, including dust, germs and mold spores goes through that filter. Just thinking about it makes you feel icky, right? Another thing to check out are the refrigerant levels. A refrigerant is the gas that helps the A/C cool the air. If its levels drop, your unit might not work as well as it should. It’s best to find professionals, like those from the reputable Sydmech, and let them take care of it.

Check the roof and gutters

Before every rainy season, usually at the end of summer, you should definitely inspect your roof and gutters. If the roof tiles are cracked, or damaged by the sun, your home might get leaks once the rains come. Proper drainage is also vital. Dirt and leaves can create a build-up in the downspouts and gutters, preventing proper drainage. But don’t worry, all they need is a thorough cleaning, which you can do yourself.

Give it a fresh coat of paint

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to breathe some new life into your home. Not only does it look great, it’s also a great way to boost hygiene. With normal wear and tear, the interior of the house should usually be painted every two years. Don’t forget about the exterior either. While it can normally go 3 to 5 years between paint jobs, it’s important to keep it regular, so that your walls can remain healthy.

Check the water heater and plumbing

Inspect your water heater and plumbing every once in a while. Are there any leaks? If there are, they should be taken care of immediately, to prevent extensive damage. If everything seems fine, don’t forget to check your faucets for those annoying drips.

Refresh your furniture

By refreshing your furniture, we don’t mean buy new stuff. Instead, take an objective look at what you have. What needs to be spruced up, and what doesn’t? Perhaps there are some loose screws here and there that have been hanging around on your to-do list for ages? Maybe the wooden furniture could use a fresh coat of paint, or just a good polishing? When was the last time you flipped your mattress? Did you know you should do that at least twice a year? Sofas, cushions, soft chair seats, armchairs, and other fabric covered furniture should get a deep cleaning at least once a year, to eliminate stains, dust, and dust mites.

It might seem like hard work, but once you create a proper plan, you can follow it every year. Doing regular maintenance will prevent nasty surprises and unforeseen expenditures.


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