Home Safety Features That Can Increase the Value of Your Home

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Home Safety Features That Can Increase the Value of Your Home

May 9, 2017, 10:30:02 AM Life and Styles

Investing in safety features of a home that you are not planning on keeping might sound a bit ludicrous, but bear with us, because some of these can actually increase the value of your home. Of course, this doesn’t go to say that every piece of safety technology will give your property a boost on the market, but knowing which features actually will can go a long way in proving to be a valid investment.

1.      Lighting

The majority of burglaries occur during the night because if criminals don’t like something, it’s probably being seen. Installing proper security lighting will go a long way in making sure that the thieves and burglars avoid your home, but is it a valid investment that will increase your home value? Well, think about it this way, how much would you appreciate it if the house you were moving into came already fully equipped with all the necessary security lights? Furthermore, how about if these lights were intelligently designed and arranged? You probably nodded your heads throughout both questions.
Walkway lights, for example, will give your home a large implied value, while showing pedestrians and neighbors when there is someone sneaking around the property.

2.      Well-maintained yard

Although this doesn’t quite rank as a security feature, it does mean a whole lot in terms of safety. Why? Well, burglars and criminals really prefer being able to duck and hide behind every corner and hedge and, while a cornerless house is a weird concept, keeping up to date on your gardening will make sure that criminals won’t be able to lurk behind every hedge. Furthermore, make sure that your plants are as close to the house walls as possible, in addition to being regularly trimmed. As a bonus, a well-kept yard will also help you in terms of fire safety, by making sure that the risk of a fire starting or spreading is at its lowest.

3.      Fake signs

Investing into a surveillance system isn’t something you will be inclined to do, seeing as how it would probably put more of a strain on your budget than boost the property value. Of course, there is no stopping you from implying that there are security features on the premises that really are nowhere to be found. Of course, this is perfectly legal and will make most burglars think twice about setting foot in area surrounding your home, if they are convincing. More relevant for this article is the fact that the future homeowners will appreciate this – if they don’t like the idea, it’s more than easy to get rid of fake signs. These can include everything from “beware of the dog” to “surveillance”.

4.      Doors, windows and locks

The first investment that the new homeowners are likely to make concerns doors and windows; unless you make sure that both of the mentioned are brand new before you sell your property. “Yes, but why bother?” – You may wonder. Well, you’ve guessed it; because this will give your property value quite a boost! Of course, the locks are another story – chances are that the new homeowners won’t trust anyone, not even you, no matter how recently the locks were changed (anyone can clone keys). So it is always a good idea to have an expert locksmith from Ryde who is available 24/7 and can make all the necessary replacements since this would be the perfect alternative to handing over the keys to the new owners!

5.      Pre-installed security system

Finally, a security system is somewhat of an investment, but is pretty straightforward in terms of safety and will definitely increase the value of your home.
A home with a security system is no longer really a luxury; in fact, the majority of buyers will expect their new home to come equipped with a pre-installed security system, so this really isn’t a thing of choice, if you’re looking to sell.


Published by Emma Lawson

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