How to Incorporate Earth, Wind and Fire into Your Living Room

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How to Incorporate Earth, Wind and Fire into Your Living Room

Jun 1, 2017, 8:18:37 AM Life and Styles

The possibility of bringing nature into your home has always been appealing. For generations, people have admired organic elements in their living space and aspired to introduce them to produce the feelings of calmness and peace. The ancient practice of Feng Shui also accentuated the importance of natural elements to achieve harmony in one’s home. Since the living room is the space where all the household members are spending most of their time (and often together), it is useful, not just because of the harmony, but also, because of the aesthetics to incorporate these three essential elements of nature. Here’s how to do it.

Mother Earth in your living space

According to Feng Shui, earth element provides you with a stable support and peace. It is warm, nourishing and welcoming. The energy of this element is strong and protective. This practice suggests introducing it through pottery, stones, crystals and images of earthy landscapes, but there are many other ways to accentuate the presence of Mother Earth in your home. To stress this element you can incorporate quality timber doors at the entrance to symbolize the gateway into the realm of earth, wind and fire. 

Indoor gardening

Besides looking amazing, indoor plants have many other benefits, including removing pollutants, decreasing stress and improving general wellbeing. There are many interesting ways to incorporate them into your living room, including hanging terrariums or pods, and planting mini gardens and displaying them on shelves. Take a large plant and make it a focal point of the room, create a vertical garden of succulents and herbs or create a small zen garden with a tree and rocks around it. A vase with fresh flowers on the coffee table is always welcome.

Use clay

Clay is a marvelous way to enhance the earthy feel of your living room. You can use clay pots for your plants or take your inspiration from terracotta color to paint your walls. 

Add wood

Wood is the element closely tied to earth, so include wood paneling, twigs, oak balls and branches.

It’s windy inside

Air element symbolizes mental power, intellectual abilities and open-mindedness. It’s essential to allow it to circulate freely without stagnation. Opening windows frequently can be very helpful, but you can also improve its flow with ceiling fans (which can at the same time serve as decorative elements), mobiles, flags, wind chimes, bells, feather motifs, air filters, air purifiers and ionizers. Also, in Feng Shui, air is associated with yellow color, so you can use it as an accent shade in your living room.


All fired up

In Feng Shui, but also in symbolism in general, fire means passion, success and energy, which makes it a great element to have in a place where all family members spend a lot of time. Since its presence is very strong, you need to make sure you are introducing it prudently. 

A fireplace is a staple of every well-decorated family room. It represents the place of gathering, welcome and warmth. You just need to find the right style that fits into your room. It can be anything ranging from traditional stone piece to sleek electric fireplace.

Scented candles can, at the same time, represent both fire and air elements. You can use candles as light fixtures and place them on the coffee table, fireplace mantel or floating shelves.

Colors     that best mimic the presence of fire in a room are red, orange, purple, magenta, pink and strong yellow. Since all of them can be overwhelming and outshine the other two elements, you should use them with caution and only through accessories like vases, patterns on throw pillows, etc.

Incorporating these three natural elements into your living room can create a very calming ethos with just the right amount of energy and passion to keep your family and guests both relaxed and prepared for engaging in a conversation. What more could you ask from the perfect living room?


Published by Emma Lawson

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