Introduce a Bit of Russia into Your Home Decor

Introduce a Bit of Russia into Your Home Decor

Introduce a Bit of Russia into Your Home Decor

Feb 28, 2019, 6:31:39 PM Life and Styles

If you are looking to redecorate your home and bring in something new and exciting into your interior design, but you don’t quite know what style you want to go with, check out the Russian-inspired décor. The interesting thing is that not a lot of people know what this style entails, so they usually avoid it.

That’s exactly what makes choosing to implement this style in your home décor so unique. If you decide to do it, not only will you end up with an amazing and exceptional interior, but this style allows you to truly express your personality and style. Now, if you’re not sure how to achieve this, keep on reading.

The building materials

If we’re talking about Russian-inspired décor, the best places to draw inspiration from are Russian country homes. In all seriousness, almost all Slavic country homes have the same vibe, no matter the country you’re in. These homes were designed to be functional, warm, bright and, most importantly, cozy. The main material used is wood. The natural raw beauty of this material makes it a perfect choice if you want to boost the coziness in your home. Additionally, an exposed brick wall – usually the entire fireplace – and white ceilings are also key elements of a Russian-inspired interior. Combined, these three materials make a beautiful base for any style, but the truth is that the somewhat rustic vibe will be the best choice.

The colors

Since warm and cozy can be used as the main keywords to describe this décor, it comes as no surprise that warm and vibrant hues are the most prominent ones. Deep reds, muted yellows, burnt oranges and even various pinks are more than welcome. Of course, warm blues, greens and off-whites are also present, but they are mostly used to balance out the look. Intricate patterns are another staple of the Russian-inspired décor and they are usually featuring floral motifs. Usually, at least one room in a Russian home will be completely covered in a colorful wallpaper (most often with a floral print) so that’s another thing you might consider implementing if you decided to go with this style.

The textures

Russian décor is also commonly full of various textures. Aside from the iconic wall rugs, that are usually either true Persian or a very good copy, you can expect to find numerous variants of faux fur, woolen floor rugs and plush furniture in any Russian home. Also, colorful woven quilts with floral patterns are another accent you can expect to find, and since they are really religious, more often than not, those quilts can even feature a picture of a saint. So, to recreate this look in your home, get an oversized plush sofa, add a colorful quilt to it and place a sheepskin rug under your coffee table. Instead of hanging a full-blown rug on your wall, you can choose to hang a colorful wall macramé instead.

The accessories

The Russian-inspired décor is usually heavy on the accessories. Some of the main pieces include crystal glasses and vases – that are most commonly displayed in an elaborately-carved wooden cabinet with glass doors, elaborate chandeliers, porcelain figurines, as well as the all-time-favorite Russian nesting dolls. Colorful kitchen textiles are another key piece of a Russian décor. Crochet doilies of all sizes and shapes are must-have pieces and you can place them anywhere you like – on your coffee table, armchair, sofa, TV, etc. When it comes to window treatments, Russian homes are famous for their layered looks. Aside from the light sheer (usually white) curtains, you can also add heavy draperies that bunch on the floor or a window scarf if that look is more compatible with your personal aesthetic.  

As you can see, when redecorating and redesigning your home, you absolutely don’t have to settle for one of the styles that’s currently the “hottest new thing”. Instead, you can choose to express your personality and uniqueness by going for a style not many people know about, but the one that’s still very functional and pleasing. No matter what you opt for in the end, keep in mind that the most important thing when interior design is concerned that you personally are satisfied with the outcome.


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