Moving Day Organization Hacks

Moving day

Moving Day Organization Hacks

Apr 10, 2017, 1:13:53 PM Life and Styles

Moving to a new home is an exciting, but also a stressful experience and without proper planning and organization, the whole process can turn quite overwhelming. Here are some moving day organization hacks that can turn out to be of tremendous help during these stressful, yet rewarding times.

Moving starts before the moving day

Moving is not something that should be taken on headfirst; if you end up having to organize the whole process on the go, you are likely to experience more headache than misplaced items.
First of all, having your new place all cleaned up before you actually bring your stuff is always a smart thing to do.
Secondly, this is the perfect moment to get rid of all the clutter. Take all of your unused clothes and other items and designate three areas: a donate pile, a for-sale pile and a discard pile area. Keep in mind that the friends who helped you move get the first dibs for the donate pile and the rest is pretty much clear. In this way, you’ll have way less stuff to move around.
Finally, it’s time to update your address for all your accounts, subscriptions and utilities to avoid potential issues down the road.

Saving time, money and hassle

Being efficient is the name of the game when it comes to moving, both in terms of time and money. For example, rather than cashing out for packing materials such as bubble wrap and popcorn, you can make sure that your fragile items are safe by wrapping them up into old unused shirts. When it comes to glassware, simply use clean socks.
Boxes are completely unavoidable for your move and obtaining them can be as easy (and free) as asking your local retailers and businesses for their used ones – they will be more than happy to get rid of them, so it’s really a win-win situation.
When it comes to your clothes, packing them is always a hassle, but you can simply put the entire hangers directly into garbage bags to make the whole ordeal less tiresome and time-consuming.
Use toilet rolls for storing your cables and take a picture of every piece of electronics before the move, so that you know exactly which cable goes where.


This is a tricky one – electronics are probably the most valuable items that you own, which is why you need to treat them with extra care. We suggest that you move them first; in this way, you’ll avoid potential damage. However, taking the electronics straight to your new place isn’t a smart choice, seeing as how, quite obviously, the items might get damaged once you start bringing the furniture in. We suggest that you opt for moving companies that offer item storage in Melbourne and move the electronics in once everything else is settled – you’ll survive without your praised smart TV, computers and gaming consoles for a couple of days.


Finally, let’s discuss the largest part of your moving experience – the furniture! Once you’ve taken care of smaller items and electronics, it’s time to address your sofas, dressers, stands and tables. When it comes to your dressers, you should plastic wrap them in order to make sure that the drawers don’t fall out. Plastic wrapping also goes for all other items, but for different reasons – with tables, you’ll want to avoid scratches and dents; as for the sofas and couches, you don’t want them to end up with permanent stains.

Don’t make moving a more tedious and difficult experience than it has to be. Make timely plans, find ways to save both money and time, take care of your electronics and safely secure your furniture. Organization is key!

Published by Emma Lawson

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