Redesign Your Driveway


Redesign Your Driveway

Sep 11, 2017, 10:37:20 AM Life and Styles

A great driveway gives your house the much desired curb appeal. However, for some reason, people put driveway design somewhere in the back of their home improvement list, and this decision ends up costing them a lot of money as it significantly lowers the home value. So in order to improve the exterior of your home making it much more visually appealing here are a some great advice on how to redesign your driveway.

Make a stylish entrance

By creating an eye catching entrance at the beginning of your driveway you will be able to make a lasting impression both on your guests and on passers by. Just make sure that the design of the entrance to your driveway matches your property when it comes to style, in addition it should also go well with the setting, whether it is an urban or a rural one. Keep in mind that the entrance you opt for doesn’t need to be elaborate: a simple hedge or a pair of trees will do just fine – as long as it's something that expresses the character of the house and the unique personality of its owners.

Mix materials

In order to get the perfect driveway experience you should feel free to mix and match materials. For example for the the main path you can opt for exposed aggregate driveway, this option will provide you with a vast array of choice when it comes to colour. It would go great with rustic stones that you can use to frame it and separate it from the green surfaces. When it comes to mixing materials, don’t forget that you have the option of also combining decorative flagstone with concrete patches to create the perfect patchwork appearance.

Soften the edges

When we think about driveways the first thing that pops into mind is - It’s all about the car. Be as it may, with the car being king, it is still a good idea to add a bit of softness in to areas not covered by concrete and other materials. For example, you can add a line of plants between your home and a driveway. It will give the whole exterior a softer look, add color and help you improve your curb appeal. In addition, this type of design can help tie different elements together and hide unsightly utilities.

It’s all about the details

When redesigning your driveway make sure you pay extra attention to the details. It will make all the difference for the finished look. So start with adding a small garden fence along the side of the driveway, a nice simple design that will frame the space beautifully. Next try combining different mulch colors, not only will it keep the weeds away but also ad an air of sophistication to your house exterior design. You can even make your driveway pop, if you choose the perfect color combination. Finally, add richer details near your front door, this will serve as a subtle indicator to your guest where to enter, in addition to creating a much more welcoming atmosphere.

These are just some ideas you can use to redesign your driveway and improve both the value of you home and the beauty of your curb appeal. So don’t let the driveway be at the bottom of your home improvement list, after all first impressions count, and it is the first thing your guest will see upon entering your property.


Published by Emma Lawson

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