Revamp Your Home's Exterior in 3 Easy Steps

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Revamp Your Home's Exterior in 3 Easy Steps

Apr 24, 2017, 4:53:08 AM Life and Styles

You want your home to give out a certain feeling with its exterior design; from the welcoming colours of the walls to the cleanliness of the front lawn, your home’s exterior will have great influence on your everyday life. And plus, it doesn’t hurt to see that look of envy on your neighbour’s face once in awhile.

Whether you’ve just moved into a previously-owned home, or you’ve been putting off your remodeling project for years, you are going to love these three easy steps to complete exterior transformation that will leave your friends speechless and your dog very confused. Let’s get to it!

Revamp the premises

First thing’s first, start at the premises and work your way in towards the house. The first thing on the list is the mailbox and the fence. It’s about time you change the rusty old mailbox for a newer model, or if you’re feeling creative, make one yourself out of wood. You can build all kinds of mailboxes and even stem away from the traditional design and make a wooden mail basket and for an added touch of creativity, let your kids colour it any way they like.

As far as fences are concerned, they can never go out of style, and a wooden fence if always a good option. But, if you want to stand out from the rest and surround your home with nature, then switch out the traditional fence for a beautiful hedge that can surround the entire premise of the house. It will give the exterior a dreamy look and give the kids, and the dog, a lot of playtime variety!

Next, you can assess the soil of your backyard and front lawn for structure and acidity and plant different types of trees and plants in order to further promote synergy with nature and create your own private oasis.

New paint, new house

When it comes to making your house seem appealing, welcoming and loving, choosing the right paint and colour scheme is of the utmost importance. You can’t expect your house to rain supreme with its beauty and vibrancy when you have rusty patches around the windows and chipped paint on the walls and around the doors.

That’s why you need a fresh coat of paint, something that will make it shine! A house can be painted in just about any colour imaginable, and it comes down to your personal preference. But remember, every color has its meaning and the paint you choose will often be an extension of your own personality. Are you passionate, fiery and brave or are you calm, welcoming and emphatic? Ask yourself these questions before you decide on the perfect colour for your home.

 And finally, one of the most important aspects of choosing the right paint is its quality. You should choose quality exterior paint that will be able to withstand any weather conditions and exposure to the elements.

The beauty is in the details

Lastly, you want to sprinkle your home’s exterior and surroundings with complementary details that will convey a unique message to the observer and evoke certain emotions. Think about your hobbies and passions and incorporate them into the exterior, such as a fountain on the front lawn or a treehouse in the backyard. Add knitted furniture on the patio and hang a hammock between the trees.

Additionally, help your home’s exterior give out a warm, friendly vibe with beautiful lighting. Hang lanterns from the trees or decorate the base of the bushes with warm lights and add candles on the patio table. You can also put coloured lights into the fountain - let your imagination run wild.

Revamping your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be a costly or time-consuming venture - it can be fun, challenging and rewarding. Follow these simple steps you will give your home’s old exterior new life for decades to come!

Published by Emma Lawson

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