The Perfect Time to Revamp Your Space

revamp your space

The Perfect Time to Revamp Your Space

Jan 5, 2017, 5:06:38 PM Life and Styles

Holiday season is also a shopping season, which makes this period of the year the perfect time to revamp your home. Rarely can a person resist the shopping euphoria of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, especially with discounts luring at almost every corner. In addition, since a new year is almost here, you should start it with change and in a renewed environment.

Start with Lighting


You’d be surprised how lighting can affect the overall ambient in your home and give it a completely different look. With the help of just light fixtures, you can restyle your living space. However, make sure to opt for those that will work well with the type of bulbs you have. Different bulbs emit different type of light, so if you want brighter light, you shouldn’t go with fixtures that will dim it. Another interesting option is going with coloured light for a more romantic and intimate atmosphere. It would be great for your bedroom or your living room. Of course, this shouldn’t be your primary lighting solution – leave it for special occasions.

Rearrange Your Furniture


Opting for a new furniture arrangement is a simple, yet efficient solution that can completely transform your living room or bedroom. You can start by deciding what will be the focal point of your room. If it’s been the TV for a while now, you should consider arranging your furniture around the fireplace, which will create a more family-oriented and conversational atmosphere. If your furniture was placed along the wall, you might move it to the centre of a room, or closer to a window. This is the perfect opportunity to remove the pieces that you don’t like and to bring in some new ones, or even old, vintage-looking ones that are collecting dust in the attic.

Experiment with Colours


If you’ve been sticking to the same colour scheme for a decade now, it’s high time you considered a new one. Even if you painted your walls recently, a new colour can always freshen up a space. One solution is painting your walls in a different hue; for example, if your walls are coloured in a neutral one, you can opt for darker or more vivid shades. Another great option is introducing an accent colour into your home if you don’t want to repaint your walls. This is a great way to add a splash of colour to a monochromatic area. You can create a more cohesive colour scheme by using the same hue throughout the house. Whether you use it for the carpet, cushions and decoration items, or for the bedspread and curtains, introducing an accent colour to your home will truly give it a new look.

Express your Personality


Interior design is a great opportunity for self-expression and authenticity. You shouldn’t be afraid to show who you are throughout your home that will feel even more yours if you do so. You shouldn’t feel obliged to blindly follow the specifications of a particular interior style, but try to be unique and you might even develop your own style. If you want to exhibit all your travel memorabilia, concert tickets or your book collection, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Your home should express your personality and you should be proud to call it your own.

Introduce an Accent Wall


One wall can make a big difference, so make sure to take advantage of a free wall in your home and use it as an accent one. You should also take advantage of the discounts at Peter's of Kensington where you can find gorgeous wall art and murals for your home. This way, you can show your artistic side and delight every visitor who enters your home. You won’t be able to look away, owing to the incredibly detailed art.

With just a few simple changes, you can revamp your space and begin the new year with a fresh start. Regardless of the choice you make, don’t forget to express yourself through the interior design of your home.


Published by Emma Lawson

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