Long DIstance Loving

Long DIstance Loving

I have the most wonderful, kind hearted, and funny man in my life.  I honestly don't know what I did to get so lucky.  My heart is full, and he treats me like a queen.  There's one major downside of what otherwise is a healthy and supportive relationship: we live on opposite coasts.

Let me first tell you about our first date, because it's one of my most treasured days.  I missed his Halloween party the night before, because I was a DD for a group of my friends and couldn't get there, so I made sure to make it up to him. I texted him and asked if we could hang out.  He said he'd pick me up after work. We went hiking through this adorable little nature center and then handed out candy to children! It was literally so adorable. Then, we went out to a drive in theater and watched a marathon of horror movies. When I tell you that I've never had a better first date, I am being entirely honest. It obviously ended with our first kiss.

Our relationship truly blossomed after that.  We spent so much time together, whether it be studying, watching movies, cooking, or sitting on the shore of the lake.  He flew to Nebraska at the end of our winter break to drive back to school in New York with me.  We connect on so many levels.  He is just always been so considerate towards me and loving and caring, which I am so appreciative.

I graduated from college in May.  That's when things got especially tough.  I went back home to Nebraska, and my sweet boy stayed in New York.  Obviously we spent hours and hours texting, talking on the phone, and talking on FaceTime.  He flew to me twice! How spoiled am I? So spoiled.

I want to say that because I am so in love with my man, being in a long distance relationship is easy.  I want to be able to say that it's so easy, but it's not.  It's especially challenging to be so far away from the one person that I want to go to at the end of the day.  I am so blessed that we have an end date on our long distance.  So many couples that are long distance don't know when they will reunite, and I am so happy that that isn't me.

Long distance comes with its pros and cons.  The cons are all obvious. Literally.  The pros? I can be independent. I get to start my life in Los Angeles as an independent woman, knowing full well that I'm securing my future with my own talents and ambitions. I'm constantly being supported by my boy, and I'm constantly supporting him.  

Only three and a half months until we're reunited!


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